Not many people have heard of this place except perhaps the die hard foodies of Vasco. Away from the eateries along the beach and land locked amongst the swaying coconut palms…it’s a place where the coconut pluckers and the toddy tappers rain coconuts during harvest time. There is a family that puts these coconuts to good use, the D’Cruz family siblings Claudio, Venus and Wilma. Simplicity, the Goan thatched styled place of yore. You might relive the experience of the 90’s when these tavernas were found all around the place. The casual, informal air is pleasant…a place for families and college friends. A multi cuisine restaurant, during the peak months the menu would boast off Modso. Tamso Gobro.

The Prawn Curry is the most popular preparation.Another favourite is the Bombay Duck, you can have it masala rawa or chilli garlic rawa fried, or order a spiced preparation of masala squid. But it is the Crab Xacutti that is mixed to perfection. The crunchy shelled crab that can be chewed right down to its last pincer. The desserts like all local places have Caramel Pudding, Ice Cream and Fruit Salad…the ones with a sweet tooth could be disappointed. For those who yearn for a peek into eating places of the past this one’s just for you.


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