In 1971 founder Mr Tito Henry De Souza set up a place to cater to domestic and international tourists visiting Goa. And a trendy chilled out place was born in Baga. It was the time of the hippies and the power generation. People from Western Europe and America searching for nirvana or spiritual salvation. The tiny state of Goa put them on the right track. In this environment Tito De Souza decided to settle down, often serving dinner with the roar of the waves in the background and the lights of the traditional balao (a candle-lit in a paper lantern) to create the ambiance and keep out the dark. Today in the 21st century his sons David and Ricardo De Souza have created a place here people who look for relieving the stress in the modern world can come in and let their hair down.

No longer the roar of the waves but retro and Bollywood tracks light up their lives and remove their cares. Instead of the balchao the strobe and disco lights flash in the dark creating an ambiance for the 21st century gen next searching for their own particular nirvana. Tito’s Club was born. With a cover charge one can have unlimited house drinks. There are two soundproofed rooms with attached bars. Order a Devil’s Fuzz or go High Voltage (names of cocktails) with the music. On weekends you can see long queues waiting to get in with the music and spirits imbibed till the wee hours of the next morning. Adjacent to Tito’s courtyard the Alfresco dining place and to Café Mambo’s which caters to the hunger pangs, the dreams of founder Mr Tito Henry De Souza is a legacy that is carried on.

Today, Tito’s is still the place where the world meets up. Tito’s offers a huge range of culinary delights spanning genres as diverse as Tandoori, Italian, Thai, Mexican; even the local Goan is there to tickle your palate. The ambiance is somewhat minimalistic with the enormous sitting area comprising a soothing garden place. However, this is perfectly in sync with the charm of the place. The tables with candle holding jars add an enigmatic aura. The wine list and other alcoholic beverages are impressive to say the least.


Great place to tank up on booze and food before you hit the dance floor of their highly celebrated discotheque. Tito’s today is involved in business ranging from clubs, cafes, restaurants, event management, legal services, financial services, convenience stores, fashion, construction, newspaper and is expanding rapidly.

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