The Corjeum fortress is an island fortress located approximately 6 kilometres from Aldona in the Bardez taluka of North Goa. It was constructed in the year 1551 using pitted laterite. According to the late Fr. Moreno de Souza, the name of the island originates from the words khorik, meaning deep or lower, and zunvem, meaning island. The fort is a relatively small fort with a square footprint. The walls are wide and have numerous gun ports and murder holes. At each of the four corners is a ramp­-like stair leading to the ramparts. It has a well and three rooms that serve as living quarters.

The fort was used by the Portuguese to defend against the Marathas, Bhonsles and the Rane Rajputs in the nineteenth century. The fort is known to have housed the chapel of St. Anthony in the past Corjeum is the one of only two surviving island forts. The fort is surrounded by lush greenery and the view of the surrounding villages is beautiful. Corjeum is connected to Aldona by a suspension bridge which is the only bridge of its kind in Goa.