“Creative ArtS By Shreesha”


Shreesha Kakode, who hails from the beautiful village of Cuncolim, runs a small home-based enterprise called “Creative ArtS By Shreesha”. The enterprise was started by Shreesha in 2020 as a hobby to satisfy her passion for creating new and unique designs. She created these designs using her own ideas as well as ideas inspired from designs on the internet. Her business is small and she does all her designing at her residence in Cuncolim. 

Shreesha Kakode, Proprietor, Creative ArtS by Shreesha

The items which she does designing for include invitation cards for all types of functions, business cards, advertisement pamphlets, ‘Thank You’ tags or cards, visiting cards, prescriptions, advertisement banners, receipts, tags/small stickers to put on return gift bags, logos, customized keychains, travel tags, greeting cards, and book labels. She also does the designing of book pages, name banners, photo editing with effects, photo frames, digital decorations, baby shower cards, and lots more. All of these can be customized with a variety of backgrounds and themes. “I design all of the above items in digital format and provide delivery of all orders which I design to all my clients in Goa and also across India by email”, says Shreesha. “I also provide print copies of some of my items to my clients”, she adds.

Some of her work done for clients

How Did It All Start?

Shreesha reveals that she is a differently abled person. “I am physically handicapped.  I can walk everywhere, but only with the support of someone”, she says. “Despite all these hardships, I completed my schooling and also my B.A in economics and political science with a first class. All of this was possible for me only because of the constant support of my loving parents, my sister, all my dear friends, and all my teachers, she adds.

During the lockdown, when she had a lot of free time, Shreesha started designing birthday greeting cards for her friends and family members and began sharing them on WhatsApp and other social media platforms. “All my friends and family members loved all my designs. They all appreciated me; my pappa, mummy, my sister Sneha and all my friends encouraged me to turn my hobby of this ‘art’ into a ‘creative’  business of designing. In this way, I turned my hobby of art into a business and named it  “Creative Arts by Shreesha”. All this was possible because of my sweet family, especially my pappa whom I miss so much today as he is no more with us”, she says.  “I know that my pappa will be very proud of me”, she adds. 

Shreesha with her parents
Shreesha with her sister Sneha

Public Response 

When Shreesha first thought of starting her business, she designed her e-business card with her business’ contact details and asked her family, friends, and other acquaintances to share her card on social media. She then  opened a page for her business on Facebook and Instagram and from there it all started. Her  friends, well wishers, and family started to share the contact details of her business and it reached many people in different places far and wide.” Hundreds of  people, from Goa and other parts of India liked my creative designs”, says Shreesha. “They began to contact me and gave me orders to design various items. People who liked my designs gave me and my page a fabulous response”, she adds.

Her Facebook Business Page

Her Future Plans

Shreesha plans To Make Her enterprise “Creative ArtS By Shreesha” more and more popular in the years to come. She is thankful for her family, friends and well-wishers who helped her promote her business all over the world through various social media platforms.

Her Message To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Shreesha says that all aspiring entrepreneurs must believe in the saying “ where there is a will, there is a way”. To succeed in anything, you need to work hard, follow your conviction, and have willpower, support and hope. If you possess all these things, then any impossible thing turns into a reality leaving all the imperfections behind.

Anyone wishing to place orders for the design of business cards, greeting cards and other similar items may get in touch with Shreesha to place their orders. her contact details are as follows:

WhatsApp: (+91)-9823694433

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shreesha.kakode