Curlies and Nyex Beach Club untouchable in Anjuna Goa


Arrests were made in North Goa after the death of two youth who are suspected to have died from a drug overdose. One tourist, Nidam Abdulla from Kerala and the other Pravin Surendran from Tamil Nadu attended parties at two separate night clubs, Curlies and Nyex in Goa.

Their bodies were said to be found close to the beach clubs last Sunday and died at a private hospital in Anjuna, 20 km North of Panaji.

Police had also arrested the owners of Curlies and Nyex, after carrying out raids during which they found narcotics on waiters and several guests.

The raids were carried out on Tuesday, 15th August 2017. The long weekend saw an increased number of tourists dropping into Goa from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka.

North Goa SP Ms. Chandan Chaudhary had been leading this operation, and within 48 hours, Anjuna police, under the guidance of Chaudhary made arrests.

Arrests made so far:

  • Curlies owner, Edwin Nunes- given bail
  • Operator of Nyex Club, Rohan Shetty- Panaji Sessions Court reserves order for Saturday
  • Three tourists from Bengaluru- found with drugs and have been booked
  • Two sisters Yogita and Chaitali Naik- 2 days police custody
  •  Manjunath Anverlikar held for possession of charas- remanded to three days police custody
  • Joe Raymond Junior, from Kerala- illegal possession of 11.04gm of charas worth Rs 12,000 and 0.8gm of MDMA worth Rs 28,000
  • Sameer Gaurang (42) from Mizoram- 200 grams Charas worth ₹ 20,000
  • Raju Devar arrested at Navelim- drugs worth ₹2 lakh, 2kg ganja seized, scooter attached

“Late night rave parties are illegal and it is where drugs are consumed and distributed. Rave parties on beaches or remote areas should be totally stopped,” Parrikar told the media after the Independence Day function in Panaji.

This is not the first case of death due to the usage of a drug overdose in the state of Goa. Curlies was in news once before following the death of Scarlett Keeling. It was said that Keeling was a regular customer at Curlies and the owner was on the police radar ever since.

Many cases of drug overdose took place in the same area but no arrests were made as it is known that the owner had links with the politicians in the state. But there has been no evidence about the same as of yet.

Anjuna is very famous for its late night parties and is quite close to the police out post in Anjuna. The reason behind all these arrests is said to be due to a change in the political equations in Goa which were against certain drug peddlers.

People were under the impression that cops would never be able to touch the owner of Curlies as it has been the case before. It’s a first for Nyex Club to have been scrutinized for a drug case like this.

FDA recently raided Curlies ‘restaurant’ and found the kitchen operating in unhygienic conditions. They have been asked to stop operations immediately.

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