It’s the ‘Balti’ cuisine of the UK at the Curry House in Candolim. The UK version of Indian cuisine is now in Goa at this alfresco restaurant. Situated on the main road of Candolim this restaurant is one of the regular haunts of the UK expat and charter tourists who visit the state from October to April. So on the menu you get Balti Butter Chicken or Balti Chicken/Fish/Prawns, which is basically a blander version of the fiery Indian masalas but still a little more spiced compared to the UK Balti versions. But the chefs have with an extensive selection of North Indian and Tandoori kebabs (grills) have worked on preparations like the Chicken Tikka. The milder gravies from the Indian repertoire feature too.Chicken Korma and Chicken Do Pyaza to name a few. Biryanis, with a Fish Biryani too but not for the Indian palate. The Goan cuisine does make its presence felt, the Goan Fish Curry Rice and Pork/Prawn/Chicken Vindaloo, which are a mild and westernized preparation of the authentic preparation. Thai, Chinese, sizzlers a little bit of everything to cater to the English palate. So there is a lot of English food too, like a mean Chicken n Mushroom Cottage Pie, steaks etc. just like you get them back in the UK. This year pastas are added too. Wind up with an Apple Pie with ice-cream and Chinese deserts like Hot Ice-cream Balls, which are crumb fired ice-cream balls with caramel sauce. The place is very Englishman’s dream which includes an English Breakfast which costs approx Rs.300. So belt up or shall we say baltii up and head there for this global extravaganza.

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