The repertoire of dishes is good, the location is superb. The Curry Leaf at Calangute Towers is a place for a leisurely meal where on orders each course a la fine dining style. From North to South, the curry reigns supreme. The nuances of each ingredient adds challenge and compels, the spice adds new dimensions to the flavor. But where does the leaf fit in.. or more specifically the Curry leaf? Hotel Calangute Towers has a classy air conditioned restaurant, with interiors to enhance the feel good ambience that has been created. Walk past the open ‘Eat Street’ entrance to this air-conditioned have. The big windows make the place airy as well as a good vantage point to see the world go by. It is a place which diners would like to entertain or be entertained… a feeling of class. From North to South Indian the menu is balanced with spice. For starters, try the Lasooni Chicken Tikka and the chef’s signature vegan delight the Kurkure Kebab. Paneer stuffed with khoya, dry fruit, nuts, cheese rolled in crushed papad before being fried.. the Lasooni Chciken with the Chili Cheese Naan.

This is one of the few restaurants serving South Indian cuisine. You can switch from one region to the other as the combination of spice blends well with the palate. The chef has done his homework well from Pesarattu Dosa (made with green moong) to the Bhat.. Bhagala, Besibella the choice is yours. Opt for the Mutton Bharwad akka local Pratyekata Unda (is there a local specialty)? Yes, this Andhra-style mutton preparation with its succulent meat, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise and curry leaf.. Take a cue from the ingredients why did the chef venture into South Indian? It’s the curry leaf of course. The Kojibharta Chettinadu (Chicken) and the Chemmin Curry (prawns) are to be recommended too. Romba Nandri (Thank you very much). The restaurant can do the tourist belt of Goa proud.


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