Cyclone Vardah : Cause of Rain Over Goa In a Few Hours

Find the weather acting funny today ? It’s December but feels like July.

Cyclone Vardah : Goa to receive scattered rain and thundershowers during the next few hours. The weather over Goa at present is cool and cloudy standing at 27°. Minimum temperatures are in the range of 19-20°C. While maximums are settling in the lower 30s between 31-32°C.

These sudden rains will be accounted to the remnants of Cyclone Vardah, which has now weakened significantly and will continue to move inland reaching up to Southeast Arabian Sea. It is expected to turn into a cyclonic circulation that will bring scattered light rains with one or two moderate spells over South Konkan and Goa including Panjim.

Cyclone Vardah

Cyclone Vardah hit Chennai and the coastal districts of north Tamil Nadu on Monday. It was accompanied by heavy rains and high-velocity winds. It took the lives of four people in the state. The cyclone has caused a lot of damage by uprooting trees, damaging houses, disrupting power services, also land and air transport. It has shaken up normal life extremely and made it too difficult to survive.


Cyclone Vardah had made landfall near Chennai as a severe cyclonic storm and devastated the capital city of Tamil Nadu and several places in Andhra Pradesh. As a result, the state experienced extreme showers with gusty winds over the regions.

As it moved inland, it gave ample amounts of rainfall to the city of Bangalore as well. This rainy spell over Goa will clearly indicate that the weather conditions have become favorable for the tourists. These rains will not be epidemic and continuous. A slight drop in minimum temperatures is clearly noticeable in the state of Goa.

The cyclone, which originated in southern Thailand, has claimed about a dozen lives there and has now moved towards India. Since then it has been causing a havoc and destroying lives.

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