Cynthia – Goa’s first Konkani Horror film trailer launched


With its popularity across India, Goa is also a film-maker’s paradise. From North Goa to South Goa, the movie world has seen different places in Goa appear in movies from different genres. A few Hollywood movies have also been shot in Goa making it somewhat known in the Western world too. And now, parts of North Goa, like the village of Assagao have made an appearance in a Konkani horror film directed by one of Goan’s own, Elvis Kahn Fernandes. The name of the film is Cynthia and given all the hard work put in by Elvis and his fantastic team, it promises to scare Goans everywhere!

About the Director

Elvis is no stranger to being in the limelight. A former dancer when in college, he had bigger dreams and ambitions. He has been involved in the film industry for 13 years by his own admission. Through the years, starting with the position of assistant director, he has worked on a few Hindi films. Music is another passion of his and has played a big part in getting him into the world of cinema. Back in 2011, Elvis came out with a hit English single ‘ Can’t See Tomorrow’ which was well recieved. So well received that Elvis came to be one of the first Indian artistes to be backed by VH1 for all his music gigs.

Elvis Kahn Fernandes, the director of Cynthia.
Image credit – Goa Global Productions

After being involved in the film industry more than 10 years, he has now chosen to come back home and give the Goan diaspora, its first ever Konkani horror movie. The horror genre has never been introduced into Goan cinema before. Now, Elvis, along with a brilliant cast, and production team have strived to make a quality film that Goans across the world as well as at home can watch and be proud of. It’s also interesting to know that he recently also finished acting in a Hindi film called ‘New Year Party’ in a starring role which also starred the legendary actor Shakti Kapoor.

Cynthia is the world’s first Konkani horror movie

As a genre, horror has a multitude of Hindi and English movies under its belt. This is the first time ever that a horror movie has been made in Konkani. ‘Cynthia’ has been made under the banner of Goa Global Productions which is Elvis’ company. Besides directing it, he is also one of the lead actors in the movie along with upcoming Goan stars like Maya Kalsi, Gauri Kamat, Faith Barreto, Fermino Goes and even Prince Jacob who happens to be one of Goa’s famous tiatrists.

The trailer of this highly anticipated Goan film was released five days ago at a press conference held at the International Centre in Dona Paula. The film will officially release across the world giving Goans everywhere a major scare! And we mean that in a good way. Even the music in the movie has been produced by Elvis who clearly has a talent for singing, dancing and now directing movies. ‘Cynthia’ is something that has never been done before and is a film that looks to be promising in the horror genre. Check out the trailer below.

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Elvis Kahn Fernandes