This garden restaurant in Hotel Picnic Plaza, in the sleepy village of Sangolda, remains shrouded in greenery where one can zip past without even noticing it. Down a steep incline in the basement of the building which opens up into a garden is a chef par excellence whose experience on the range churns out grills of every variety. His practical boast of ‘ blending of Indian, Continental Varieties’ is not an empty one, because one bite of the succulent meats offered, and you are smitten to the core. A full page is dedicated to sea food, from prawns to the traditional Fish Peri-peri. For starters, this is a must, especially the Calamari. You can have it in garlic butter or batter fried. The Chicken delicacies range from a Chicken in teriyaki sauce to the Continental favorite chicken Cordon Bleu, Chicken a la Kiev.

They sizzle onto the table activating your salivary glands just with the aroma. And he has an EVP (Extra valve proposition). One dish can feed two or maybe three. His Fish Pappilotte is a hot favorite it just warms the cockles of your heart, as Chef Deepak’s sauces are prepared with an innovative twist. But it still remains simple homely fare. They say that his home made brownies are to die for. An old favorite, the Peach Melba is now on his menu. Indulge but do not worry; a steep walk up that incline does have the tread mill effect. So although the ambiance might be casual and homely, his pricing is affordable for the middle income families. If you have a car, and are travelling down the winding road of Sangolda, and would want those taste buds to be pampered, don’t drive on. Look out for Zardesh resort. Drive down the incline and believe me your inclination will be amply rewarded. It’s a local favourite.


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