Danielle McLaughlin

Vikat Bhagat, Danielle Mclaughlin’s lover spills the beans


In a sudden turn of events, the truth about the rape and murder of Danielle McLaughlin suddenly surfaces. The Irish woman’s lover, Vikat Bhagat, decided to spill the beans.

A Recap

(On 14th March, Danielle McLaughlin, a 28-year-old Irish woman’s body was found in a pool of blood, lying naked in the field around 200 mts. off the Arambol road in Devbagh, North Goa. A local farmer, Premanand Komarpant, on his way to the fields at 7 a.m. saw Danielle’s body and alerted the local police.) (The Post Mortem Report confirmed sexual assault and death due to strangulation of the victim.)Bhagat was arrested and imprisoned in the Colvale Prison upon being found guilty. At that time, he confessed to the brutal rape and murder.

Later, Bhagat was arrested and imprisoned in the Colvale Prison upon being found guilty. At that time, he confessed to the crime.

But, recently, in a 29-page letter to his sister, Vikat reveals that he did not kill Danielle. He says that he was not given a chance to testify to the court when in judicial custody at Canancona and every time he tried to draft the letter, it was snatched from his hand by the cops.

His letter throws light on that fateful night. He relates that he was in a relationship with Danielle since 2016. That night, they were with 3 friends at Palolem’s Green Park Restaurant, drinking and smoking ‘charas’. Since Danielle wanted to get rid of his friends, they decided to go to Leopard Valley at Agonda Beach. After freshening up at her rented room at Palolem they left for Agonda. (“All this can be substantiated by timings and CCTV footage says Bhagat” in his letter written in Konkani to his sister.) Bhagat continues, ‘on the way, we decided to smoke one more joint of ‘charas’ at our regular place’. While sipping beer, he received a call from ‘a friend’ who was already at Leopard Valley. The ‘friend’ wanted Bhagat and McLaughlin to join ‘them’ at Leopard Valley. Vikat gave ‘the friend’ his location and confirmed that he would meet them at Leopard Valley later.

The trauma: Not one, not two, but three!

Bhagat further states, “I saw two bikes coming towards us switching off the headlights. They came to me when I questioned why they were here, (friend) asked me to tell Danielle to have sex with them.” Daniel refused to give in and slapped one of the guys. Upon which he tore her clothes and raped her said Vikat. According to him, he could not help Danielle as he had a shoulder injury. The other guy then approached her for a sexual favour. She reacted in the same way with a slap.The man retaliated by smashing two beer bottles on her head causing her to fall to the ground. Then both the men held her hands while she lay on the floor and a third guy hit her twice on the head with a heavy stone after which she died.

Out of fear Bhagat kept silent until he was caught and booked by the police for murder.

Questions Left Unanswered

In his letter, he spoke about a ‘friend’ – Who was the friend?

Secondly, no details about how the body landed in Devbagh fields?

Thirdly, were they the same three friends who followed them? Why did Vikat give them his location knowing Danielle wanted to avoid his friends.

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Information: Goacom.com