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Travelling is made a lot more exciting when your knowledge is replenished with, which whereabouts serve to be better for the best holiday. And ‘Davidair International travels’ is the light that guides you. Finding its existence dating back on 17th December 1987 where the first British charter flight passenger arrived to Goa and David stood on behalf of the pioneer operator, Inspirations East Limited, to wish the travelers regards. Stepping onto another level, he became a GSA for the two Fokker Friendship aircraft founded in Goa as India Holiday Airline and was basically supposed to help travelers by satisfying their requirements. Emmy Fernandes, a young lady native of Goa, joined the firm at the time, becoming a partner but now has progressed to the company’s head, shortly after which she gave the company a new name, ‘Davidair International Travels’. This new named agency started upgrading to new facilities like domestic and international ticketing, and at present has David owning the title of ‘Honorary Consultant’.

Ever since this agency has been seeking to help those travelers who wish to make an enjoyable experience in Goa, have just what they wish for! The fun part about Davidair is that it doesn’t limit your view but broadens your experience. It shows you, that beauty goes even beyond Goa. As much as it does so, it doesn’t fail to broaden your view about Goa as well. Goa may be known primarily for its beaches and unending parties as well also for its Carnaval seasons but Davidair shows you there’s much more to that! Many restaurants reasonably rated for their service and food, speaking of food, the food is cooked to suit every taste bud. So wherever you are from, don’t worry! Goa accompanies your fuss even when it comes to food! Since Goa’s primary fame lies in beaches, the beach shacks offer for a comfier experience. The beach nonetheless gives you a good reason to love it, if it’s for the tan. Whatever you want to do, make sure you get Davidair to guide you. You won’t regret it! As you continue to tour around Goa, you’ll be showed to those traditional artisans creating their pottery, jewels and yes, even carpets if that’s what will make your stay in Goa more homely. Try out what the artisans can do, throw them a design of your favorite and the next thing, you will get back the exact favorite.

Meet the amiable side of Goa through the boatmen who take you for an experience through the rivers. Nothing will stop you from enjoying every bit of Goa. As you boat around the river, keep your eyes wide open, just in case you get lucky, a dolphin may catch your eyes. While in water you enjoy observing that beautiful aquatic life, the skies are filled with beauty even more. Also the next famous thing about Goa, is the variety of beautiful birds! Oh, they’re a sight you wouldn’t want to miss. Catch them in the air and catch them on land as well, by which it means you’ll see India’s national bird, the peacock! Tours after tours, they’ll give you surprise after surprise. With those wildlife sanctuaries, enjoy the skies. While on land, enjoy the markets, restaurants for every type of choice and reasonably rated, churches and parties. For a water experience, the Dudhsagar waterfall is one of the places that assures you a good experience while on the other hand you can try out their various water sports like snorkeling, surfing, para-sailing and lots more! After all, it’s Goa, the place that makes for the perfect holiday. And where else could you look for, for the best guidance, than at Davidair. If you’ve got any sort of question in your mind, no matter how weird it may feel, just come to Davidair and clear your doubts.


After all, that’s what they are there for! What if you forget your ticket? Don’t freak out! Davidair will work out something in your time and budget and will get your worry level down without any charge! (As in free of cost!). Too mesmerized by your holiday experience or the stay getting to hard to leave? Want to prolong it a bit more? Pf course, you can. You won’t be left disappointed as Davidair find a way. Whatever your problems, they will find a solution to meet them wherever and whenever! For a luxury stay, they even give you an offer to share it with the ‘Taj Mahal’ or on a houseboat. How cool can this get? Take your experience beyond Goa and explore what a real holiday is like. Oh and if you’re looking out for an accommodation while in Goa, they have their ‘Joaquina Mansion Holiday Home’ doors open just for that. Consisting of 8 apartments, furnished and luxuriously styled. Comfort meets you right at the entrance as its ambience is very spacious, with each and every room having its own balcony, bathroom and living room and kitchen. The balcony will give you a good view of the sea as you stretch out. They have it all, from your flight to your stay. Reach their desk and they’ll reach your expectations!

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