Get your fill of deliciousness at Wok n Roll’s Crab Festival

Goa has always been known for its tasty food. Seafood is a staple part of most people’s meals throughout the day in Goa. In fact, people will often go to local restaurants just for something called a fish thali. This is a meal that is served with rice/chappati, a prawn curry, a tiny bit of salad and some local mango pickle. Other inclusions, served in little bowls have some tisreos, a vegetable preparation, a fish curry or fish ambotik, a sweet dish-usually a kheer, some curd and finally, some lovely ‘sol-kaddi’ for digestion. Often, instead of the fish curry, crab may be served in the thali.

Crab dishes across the world

Dishes that hero this particular sea creature are popular across the world. They can be prepared and eaten in multiple ways. In some cases, the crab may be prepared as a whole whereas, in another, the meat may be scooped out and used as a filling or accompaniment to something else. Even the roe is often found to be a delicacy in a lot of preparations. This usually appears as a yellow or orange meat like substance found in female crabs.

In some regions, spices improve the culinary experience. In Southeast Asia and Indosphere, masala, black pepper, and chili crab are examples of heavily spiced dishes. Please note that these are three different preparations. In the Chesapeake Bay region in the US, blue crabs are often steamed with Old Bay Seasoning. Alaskan king crabs or snow crabs legs are usually simply boiled and served with garlic or lemon butter.


Onward to the Crab Festival at Candolim’s famous restaurant, Wok n Roll

Most Goans tend to love oriental cuisine. Wok n Roll makes some signature South-East Asian dishes that are mouthwatering. With a stunning regular menu, and the success of not one but two prior food festivals – The Soup Festival and The Mountain Food Festival, they are excited to present the Crab Festival.  Each dish is different and it’s not absolutely necessary that you use your hands. But, if the menu is anything to go by, all of them sound finger-licking good!

The menu

To give its guests the full experience of the festival, Wok n Roll has divided the menu into Starters and Main Course. Check out the variety of preparations that should leave you wanting more. Then perhaps, there will be more than one trip made to this fantastic restaurant just for the festival.

Crab Rangoon – Crab meat and cream cheese won-tons pinched into little purse deep fried and served with sweet chili and lemon sauce.
Image credit – Wok n Roll Candolim
Malay Crab and Prawn Cakes – A mixture of prawn and crab meat with mayonnaise, mustard, green scallions, served with chilly Orange dip.
Image credit – Wok n Roll Candolim
Main Course
Cracked Crab with Lemongrass Black Pepper and Basil – Whole crab is tossed in finger-licking sauce made from fresh lemongrass, black pepper, galangal, and basil.
Image credit – Wok n Roll Candolim
Crab Fried Rice
A wonderful crab meat flavored rice tossed with fresh basil, shaoshing rice wine, garlic, egg, and scallions.
Image credit – Wok n Roll Candolim

Now, we’ve just shown you a few items off the menu of this special festival. If you want to try out more delicacies like these, head to Wok n Roll Candolim between the 15th of October and 18th of November.
Call on +91 90490 22348 for reservations or more information. You can also follow the restaurant’s page on Facebook and stay updated.

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2 thoughts on “Get your fill of deliciousness at Wok n Roll’s Crab Festival”

  1. Gorgeous recipes… I don’t like crab dishes but it looks so colorful and delicious. It’s mouthwatering, can’t wait to try this…
    Thank you so much for your recipes.

    1. Hello Dheepika

      Thank you for reading and liking this article. We have only shared the details of the event by the Wok n Roll restaurant in Candolim. If you’re in Goa while the Crab Festival is on, make sure to visit and try one or all the dishes. Cheers!

      Team ItsGoa

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