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As a warm, lively and casual dining venue serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is a dining room where you get to meet and interact and meet with the chefs with five show kitchens that works on a concept that you are eating out of the pan, off the grill and off the wok, with food cooked fresh at each of the buffet stations. The buffet offers choices that include Asian, Indian, Italian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Let’s start with a breakfast.. the spread is awesome. The pancake counter.. choose your variety banana, chocolate or plain… the yoghurt counter with the six types of cornflake and muesli variety… the bread counter… hot croissants, besides the regular assortments. The egg counter… Egg Benedict, egg Florentine besides the omelettes etc. The Indian counter.. South Indian idli, dosas, wadas, North Indian parathas… Your choice. The fruit counter and the juices…. and to wind up the meal ask for some fresh masala ta, although the other hot beverages are available.

Metamorphosis after eleven each counters now takes on a different identity with new chefs taking charge. The cheese counter Edam, Camembert, Brie, goat cheese; hot pita bread being baked for you accompanied with Cold Mezzeh: Tandoori items prepared Chops or even chicken is displayed. The curries simmer on the hot plates… while the Chicken Shawarma with its Arabic spice and pita wrap with pickle and garlic sauce and the Assorted Sushi Bar is sure to take your fancy. The desserts too have their own USP. A veritable display of sweet nothings. not ‘nothings’ cause each preparation is a delight to the senses. Don’t try to counter these counters, and for those who perhaps would be content with just a single preparation the a la carte menu operates at full strength. To start with Assorted Mezze (Hummus, Mutable, Tabouleh, Lebneh and Feta, served with warm Pita BREAD) or perhaps the Assorted Thin Crust Pizzas. The Thai Curry with its unique flavours of coconut, basil, lime leaves, chicken, vegetables is worth a try. The Dining Room promises interactions in more ways than one. Interact with the chefs to make the meal of your choice and when at the table, your taste buds will go on interactive overdrive…. Interactions galore.

0832 3011234
Grand Hyatt, Po Goa University, Bambolim, Goa.


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