Octave 2017

Directorate of Art and Culture, Government of Goa organizes Octave 2017


The month of November is certainly shaping up to be one that is chockful of events. The inaugural of the 1st edition of Octave 2017, a celebration of North Eastern culture happens today at Ravindra Bhavan in Margao and it goes on until the 12th of November. This cultural extravaganza will present folk arts and crafts from the North Eastern states.

Octave 2017 promises to be a potpourri of North Eastern culture

This cultural festival has been organized by the Directorate of Art and Culture, Government of Goa in collaboration with the Ministry for Culture, Government of India, North East Zone Cultural Centre, Dimapur and West Zone Cultural Centre (WZCC). Octave – the festival of North East was introduced by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India to provide a platform to the artists and artisans of the North East region to showcase their rich cultural heritage. India is a land of many rich cultures and languages so it’s really awesome that the North Eastern states get a chance to showcase their culture in a grand manner.

According to an article in the Navhind Times, Chairman of Ravindra Bhavan, Margao, Mr. Prashant Naik informed that WZCC, Udaipur organized the first Octave at Margao, Goa in 2008. Moreover, it was held in 2011 in Margao and in 2014 in Panaji. “This year, the event will not include literature and theatre in their presentations,” he said.

Director of WZCC Udaipur, Furqan Khan said that the Ministry for Art and Culture aims to present the arts and crafts of less privileged artists and artisans to expand the reach of their talent. It will further bridge the gap between the North Eastern states and rest of the country by creating awareness about their rich culture. “Goa is a culturally active state; hence it is an apt space to present other cultures of India. Every year we try to present maximum of folk art performances at this festival. This year, paintings by 25 renowned North Eastern artists will be exhibited at the festival venue.”

What’s happening at this year’s Octave 2017

There is going to be so much going on at the festival. It will include cultural performances such as Juju-Jha-Jha and Erap dance of Arunachal Pradesh; Bihu and Dahal Thungri of Assam; Dhol Cholom, Thang-Ta, Ga-Laam Dance and Pung Cholom Dance of Manipur; Ka Shad Mastieh Dance and Wangala Dance of Meghalaya; Cheraw Dance and Solakia of Mizoram; Mungyanta (harvest dance) and Naga war dance of Nagaland; Singhi Chham and Tamang Selo of Sikkim; and Hozagiri and Sangrai of Tripura. You can check out the videos linked to some of the dances mention here. (All videos have been taken from Youtube as examples of what you will get to see at Octave 2017)

The article further stated that there would be approximately 400 artistes showcasing the rich folk culture, classical music, dance, cuisine, handicrafts, fine arts, fashion shows, and rock music from their states. The craft fair is happening during the festival days from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Some of the names of the folk dances are unpronounceable to anyone that isn’t from the North East. Still, it all sounds very interesting and very educational.

So if you live in Margao or can reach there between today and the 12th of November, head on to Ravindra Bhavan and check out the rich culture and other offerings from the North Eastern states of India.