Explore the unknown depths of Goa

Did you know, India’s first  scuba diving school was established in 1991 by William Downie. He was a Scotsman and an experienced diver. Downie was noted as one of the first divers to explore the Goan coast during his time working with the Indian Navy. Find out more by reading the rest of this article.

Goa-  the water-sport destination

This tiny state of India is known for its Sun, Sand and Surf. The warm waters from the Arabian Sea and its numerous beaches call people from all over the globe to indulge in the divine waters of Goa. Scuba Diving is just one of the many adventurous water-sports available. Check out the video below to learn more about this sport:

Diving Locations

Goa Diving operates near Bogmalo Beach and St. Georges Island, where 12 individual dive sites are located. Depending on prevailing weather and sea conditions, the visibility varies between 2-15 metres. Other agencies utilize Jetty Grand Island, near the old Jetty where there are various coral and species of fish. Another popular site is Sail Rock Grand Island where the depth can range from 16 meters to 24 meters.


Beginner’s courses

If you would like to experience an undersea world of marine life and magnificent coral reefs, but have never had any training in scuba diving before, don’t worry Goa Diving conducts ‘dive and discover scuba diving’ classes. It is a half day course designed to teach the basic diving skills in a swimming pool, followed by a closely supervised scuba dive on a shipwreck or coral bed. You can even enroll in the Open Water Course.

If you are wondering where you can purchase all the equipment from, do no worry as some of these agencies allow you to hire the equipment. You can also purchase them online. So go, do your research. You have plenty of time (3 months precisely) before this sport commences in the state for the new season. A thrilling adventure awaits you and make sure you experience the other side of the world covered in water.

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  1. My experience was pretty good. I visited along with my friends. The awesome part of my trip was scuba diving. It was an amazing experience and also scuba diving was too good I have enjoyed a lot and was a memorable experience, I would like to visit again whenever I got chance to visit Goa. thank u sea water sports.

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