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People of Goa: DJ Ayush in conversation with ItsGoa


Ayush Agrawal, popularly known as DJ Ayush is a music curator at W Goa, a five-star luxury hotel in Vagator. He started his career as a DJ in 2013 when he moved to Goa, where he was introduced to the genre of psychedelic trance music and experimentalism.

In a brief chat with Its Goa, he gave us an insight into his journey as a DJ, the work that he does as a music curator at W Goa, his upcoming projects, and lots more.

Take us through your journey as a DJ. How did you get into the world of DJing?

Growing up, the role of a DJ was never considered a quintessential career option. I was pursuing a degree in Hotel Management when I suddenly realized that music was my true calling. I was experimenting with a lot of electronic music at the time and was hugely inspired by artists like Carl Cox, Rhichie Hawtin, and Avicii. I decided to take my interest seriously and enrolled in a DJing course, after which there was no turning back!

I’ve always had a deep connection with music, regardless of genre or era.  Music has not only helped me find my calling but also served as my refuge and escape. I genuinely believe that there is no living person on this planet who doesn’t enjoy listening to music; all that is required is for everyone to find their groove.

When I first arrived in Goa, I was introduced to psychedelic music, which had been around for a decade. In 2015, I was offered my first residency at a club in Goa. I began honing my talents on DAWs and mixers in order to take it to the next level, which led to a position as the resident DJ at W Goa. Today, five years down the line, I am the music curator of India’s number one and only Patty spot W Hotel.
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Give us a brief insight into the work that you do as a music curator at W Goa Hotel.

It’s not every day that you run into a music curator at a hotel, but at W Hotels, where music is ingrained in the brand’s DNA, it’s one of the most essential and certainly the coolest of all positions.

I prefer to think of myself as a dot connector. Through my knowledge of music and my network, I link people to music and music to W Goa. My relationship with W Goa has run parallel to my professional career as an artist. As a resident DJ, I’m never afraid to attempt new music styles. As the music curator, I also specialize in event planning at W Goa, which includes PR, branding, line-up curating, sound design, and other things required for a successful event. I curate the music for each venue at the hotel with a unique tale to tell, keeping in mind Goa’s rich culture and history with music.

I love music in general so it doesn’t matter what genre or style it is.  It must have a nerve, an expression, and a genuine emotion. Music is a universal language for me, and there’s no better place to express myself than W Goa.
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How is W Goa boosting the local music scene in Goa?

W Goa is a party haven in a city that is already regarded as India’s party capital. The hotel offers a stunning view of the Arabian Sea, along with the most beautiful sunsets. At the hotel, one can enjoy the best view from the ROCKPOOL restaurant, which is one of the country’s most award-winning venues and Goa’s number one destination for a sundowner.

Furthermore, every party at W Goa is an unmissable event thanks to our global music festivals, unique line-ups, and different music IPs. Sunburn, India’s largest music festival, has partnered with us to present their underground music festival Solaris at ROCKPOOL, followed by a series of Sunburn After Parties featuring artists like Vini Vici, Stella Bossi, Arjun Vagale, and Nucleya, to name a few.
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W Goa is regarded for not just bringing top foreign artists to India, but also for providing a platform for the growth of indigenous artists with unique skills. The great Petercat Recording Co, a world-renowned band from Delhi, performed for us, and it was personally one of my favourite shows of the year.

W Goa’s goal with every music event is to surprise attendees with something they’ve never seen before. Last month, we hosted the inaugural edition of a Cercle Record live event at W Goa. It was truly an amazing experience performing alongside Colyn, a renowned DJ and producer, Teho, a French musician, and Cercle duo Phil & Derek.
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What’s fresh in your music these days? What are your upcoming projects?

My new alias AVO was recently launched. AVO is a playground without borders and genres, featuring influences from Disco, Funk, Folklore, Breakbeat, ’80s rap, Techno, House, and Indian Classical music. The music is hip-shaking electronica ranging from Disco to House, from Acid to Techno. There are no rules or orders; it’s pure magic that transports you to a world of rare funky rhythms, ’80s Wave, and strictly Jackin House.

Currently, I am working on my EP, which I hope to complete before the end of the year. It will be my first release as a music producer, and I’m both anxious as well as excited to see how it turns out. The inspiration for this project has come from some of my favourite artists like  Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, and Peggy Gou.

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