Does Donald Trump drink tea sold in Goa?


An interesting marketing technique was used by an Indian tea company TE-A-ME recently to promote it’s latest range of tea. It sent 6,000 bags of green tea all the way to New York from India to cleanse the famous Republican Donald Trump and make him “smarter.” Take a look at this hilarious video.

TE-A-ME recently launched its flavour station at the Taj Vivanta and organized a tea tasting session at the same venue. I found this an interesting event to go and checkout for myself, because of the changing times in modern day Goa. As more and more Coffee houses are springing up in the state, Goan youth are starting to prefer coffee over a cup of tea. This should alarm you as India is closely associated with tea drinking. It is part of our culture. Also excessive amounts of coffeé can severely damage one’s health.

Keeping this in mind, Madhu Jayanti International, in association with Vivanta by Taj unveiled its exclusive TE-A-ME flavour station with the aim to bring back the love of tea drinking particularly among the younger generations in India. Mr. Ravi Kidwai a distinguished connoisseur of fine tea gave marvelous inputs into what one should look for when searching for the perfect brew.

TE-A-ME aspires to connect with the ‘modern day’ citizens of Goa and their multi dimensional lives. Its aim is to create a variety of avatars of this versatile drink to cater to different people, their numerous moments and their every distinct need. Hence the tagline a tea for every me. One can choose from 20 mood-inspired TE-A-ME whuch are handpicked from tea gardens from across the world. When paired with flavourful cakes and light snacks it enhances the mood of the tea drinker.

These include varieties of:

  • Natural green teas
  • Signature black teas
  • Aromatic spice teas
  • Wellness infusions
  • Fruit and flower infusions

“Fine handpicked tea leaves perfectly blended by experts with select ingredients that makes for a perfect brew for health as well as to soothe the mood,” said Mr. Sunil Parikh head of TE-A-ME Teas.

Tea Tasting Session

The launch of the TE-A-ME flavour station at Taj Vivanta, was followed by an interactive session of tea appreciation. Mr. Ravi Kidwai spoke oft various aspects of tea and the unique experience derived from sipping it. Insider knowledge like the few seconds difference that can change the strong taste of tea was shared. Tasting tips such as pallet memory, in order to understand the positive and negative notes of tea were also shared during the two hour session. This deepened the understanding of the audience regarding the production, brewing, the distinct smell, taste and aspects to spot.

Some of the brands I enjoyed sampling were:

  • Signature black tea -the strong taste of Darjelling Tea.
  • Natural Green tea -Sweetness of Green Tea
  • Tulsi Tea – as tulsi is the nature’s medicine

A very important tip that Mr. Ravi had told us, was to never blend your tea with milk and sugar. If you need a little sweetness add a dash of honey.


“As blending tea with milk without brewing makes it a tasteless stew,” explained Kidwai

Tea at Vivanta


Taj Vivanta is showcasing the exotic range of teas at its hotel premises with the unique TE-A-ME flavour station. In addition, the Fruit and Flower Infusions will be served as welcome drinks to delight their guests. The tea carts are positioned at the restaurant and cafe in the hotel. The hotel seems excited to partner with TE-A-ME and fulfil their requirements.

So if you’re a tea lover, head down and try some fantastic new flavours out!