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Drishti lifeguards rescue fishermen in two separate incidents


The monsoons are still on in Goa even though they seem to have abated for now. That being said, it’s still not safe enough to go into the sea. Swimming is still off limits although the fishing ban is about to be lifted. That means fishermen are getting ready to start fishing once more. Of course, there are some that have already ventured into the open sea to cast their nets. However, in two separate incidents, Drishti lifeguards had to rescue at least 14 fishermen from the water.

Drishti lifeguards save fishermen off the coast at Baina

On the 28th of July, at approximately 06:50 am, a fishing trawler with 12 fishermen headed out to sea. But luck was not on their side. 200 meters in, the engines failed. The trawler got tossed around with the huge waves and capsized with all 12 fishermen on board. Fortunately for them, one of the Drishti lifeguards, Yallgurdappa Madar spied the capsized boat and immediately swam out to help with his rescue tube.

His supervisor, Yallappa wasn’t far behind and raced to the spot with the patrol jeep and also swam out to assist. While most of the fishermen managed to cling to the upturned boat, two of them could be seen struggling to keep afloat. Both were rescued by the Drishti lifeguards and more help arrived soon to bring the others back to the shore.

But one fisherman became a victim of the strong currents. His body was seen floating approximately 100 meters from the shoreline. Lifeguard Yallgurdappa swam towards the victim and brought him ashore in an unconscious state. They tried to save him using CPR methods and also placed a call for a 108 ambulance as his vitals were nil.

Fishing trawler capsizes off Majorda, Drishti lifeguards rush to rescue fishermen

In another incident on the same day, another trawler, was on its way to shore when it capsized. All 11 fishermen on board were thrown into the water about 150 meters offshore.

6 lifeguards went to their rescue with the help of rescue tubes, life-jackets, a ring buoy, and jet skis. After making a number of rounds, all 11 fishermen were saved and taken to shore. They were further assessed and found to not be in any danger.

The Drishti lifeguards responsible for the daring rescue were Ramesh Gaonkar, Shashikant Jadhav, Nitesh Chandekar, Umesh Gaude from Arossim, Gautam Aiker, and MH Gulabal.

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