Drug peddling is now a Goan family affair, according to the police


In spite of the efforts to curb the drug trafficking scene in Goa, the lure of fast and easy money through drug peddling is now catching on with Goan families. The police have discovered the involvement of at least 2 families in North Goa in this illicit business.

According to the police, there is a sizeable number of Goans who are involved in the drugs trade. This year, approximately 120 drugs cases were registered and 128 people were arrested.  Of the 128 accused, 43 are Goans, 61 are non-Goans and 24 are foreigners.

And now, Goan families are joining in carrying on this illicit trade with a hunger for a piece of the narcotic pie. This is something new and disturbing according to the police.


The drug trade is a new way of life for some Goan families

“People are getting into drugs trade owing to easy and fast money… and after looking into the drugs trade we have realized that some local Goan families are also involved in the drugs trade,” said Umesh Gaonkar, SP of the anti-narcotic cell of the Goa police.

“It is a bad trend and may set a precedent for other families to follow suit. It’s high time that collective efforts are made by everyone to root out the drug menace,”  he stated.

Giving examples of such cases where entire families have been arrested, Gaonkar said,  “A couple of months’ back two sisters and their father from Mapusa were arrested in a drugs case. They are currently in judicial custody. A few days back we arrested one youth from North Goa while his brother was arrested in December last year and has been in judicial custody…  their father has been serving a sentence of 12 years in jail in a drugs case. Incidentally, earlier he had  also served a sentence of 10 years in a drugs case.”

Gaonkar said the police won’t be able to obliterate the menace without the support of society.

“From our side, we have been booking cases and conducting awareness drives against drug abuse. My sincere appeal to the responsible people of the society to rise up against the illicit trade,” he said.

Gaonkar opined that if anyone, as an individual or a family is involved in the drugs trade then it is likely that people living in the same locality might be very aware of it.

“People need to be vigilant and should not tolerate such kind of activities. Such activities should be reported to the police,” he said appealing to the better sense of the public.

Source – The Navhind Times