Drunken driving or over-speeding? Beware Violators!

Goa Police cracks down on violators with Alcometers and LSRG's

Drunken driving and over-speeding are among the main causes of accidents and fatalities on Goan roads as per a study conducted by Goa Police. Every 30 hours, a person is killed in an accident in Goa either because the deceased or the driver of the other vehicle was rash and negligent. This year, 800 persons have been fined for drunk driving so far.

Cracking down on drunken driving and over-speeding, Goa Police, with Government approval, have procured  100 alcometers and four laser speed radar guns (LSRG’s).  These LSRG’s are portable and can be set up anywhere. The speed guns can catch any speeding vehicle 300m before it reaches the gun, by which time a photo and video evidence would be captured.

drunken driving
Breathalyser or Alcometer


DGP Muktesh Chander told reporters on Tuesday that the LSRG’s (laser speed radar guns) would be placed at strategic locations to catch violators. Vehicles within speed limit zones like the Mandovi and Zuari bridges will be targeted.

Stringent measures for Violators

Apart from being prosecuted under appropriate provisions of law, the violator’s license will also be seized and forwarded to the road transport office (RTO) concerned for suspension, which will last around three months. The fine for over-speeding in a speed-limit zone is Rs 400 for taxis and Rs 300 for private vehicles.

Information Credit: ToI

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