‘Ekvottacho Dis’ – Keeps Goan traditions alive and kicking!

The fourth edition of ‘Ekvottacho Dis’ was celebrated by the villagers of Carmona on August 15. Besides being the day India got its Independence, it is also the feast of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Ekvottacho Dis is organised with the sole aim of promoting camaraderie among goans from different faiths.

The day began with three masses being offered with the first one beginning at 6:30 am. The villagers were divided into seven teams, each team chose one colour of the rainbow for their uniform. Games such as volleyball, langdi, lagori, mittamni, lobiamni and hu tu tu were played.

The festival saw 7 stalls set up selling traditional Goan sweets such as patolleo, pinagre, doce, pudde, atol etc. all prepared by the women of the village.


“Parishioners participate enthusiastically in celebrating ‘Ekvottacho Dis’. They create special outfits in the colours designated to them and prepare traditional sweets,” said parish pastoral council vice moderator, Joaquim Fernandes in a TOI report.

Image credit – Times of India

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