Elections in Goa

Elections in Goa – Is this what you wanted Goa?


Elections in Goa are a constant reminder that life is always full of surprises. It is also the epitome of the adage … ‘when life gives you lemons….’

The BJP took the 13 lemons they had, added some salt (GFP), some soda (MGP) threw in some ice (Independents) and are now serving lemonade. However, Goa seemed to have ordered for another drink. Coincidentally, that drink, already had 17 ready-made ingredients and only needed a few finishing touches. It did not happen!

As the sun set on another nonchalant Sunday evening in Goa, a different ‘son’ was rising. A ‘son’ born of anger, resentment and a feeling of betrayal.

Social Media erupted in anguish and despair. Simultaneously, there was also joy and ecstasy.

While there are several who praised the political acumen of our soon to be Chief Minister and Ministers. There are several who have derided their moves. Chastising them and threatening to gun them down with a revolver if it was legally allowed.

Following Elections in Goa, why are people saying #NotMyGovernment?

In 13 of the 40 constituencies, people chose the BJP. On the other hand, in 27 constituencies, the BJP were seemingly rejected.

Yet here we stand as Goans, once again questioning our choices. We’re left to wonder – what went wrong? Was it fear, anger, misinformation or an acceptance of sorts?

For many of us, politics is filthy and nauseating. Something we chose to disassociate ourselves from. Yet it has always been very much part of Goa and is now re-manifesting itself into the Goan fabric.

What now since Elections in Goa are over?

Governor appointed Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has to prove he has the numbers with him within 15 days of taking the oath of office and secrecy on March 14.

However, there could be further twists to the plot.

Goa Forward Party leader and Fatorda MLA Vijai Sardessai has extended support to the new Parrikar-led regime. Meanwhile, the people of Fatorda are up in arms against the MLA they voted for, due to his constant bashing of the BJP in the past 5 years.

If successfully coerced into backing out, the dynamics could change yet again.

ItsGoa shall keep you posted on all the latest happenings. Watch this space!