Embark on a Culinary Adventure at Isabella’s Tapas Bar, Panjim


In the heart of Panjim city lies a hidden gem that transports you straight to the vibrant streets of Spain and Portugal – Isabella’s Tapas Bar on MG Road. Nestled in the bustling scene of Goa, this cool Spanish-style restaurant is redefining the culinary experience with its enticing menu and lively atmosphere.

Just a year into its journey, Isabella’s has quickly become a local favorite, charming the palates of Panjim residents and those from nearby areas. Behind this culinary venture is Arati Naik, a former IT professional turned restaurateur, driven by a passion to infuse the essence of Spanish tapas culture into the Goan culinary scene.

Arati’s journey from the tech realm to the world of food and beverages began with Epicurious Hospitality LLP, and Isabella’s stands as a testament to this gastronomic endeavor. Her extensive travels to Spain and Portugal, coupled with 13 years in IT, have birthed a menu that’s a delightful fusion of authentic flavors and creative innovation.

Arati Naik, Proprietor, Isabella’s Tapas Bar, Panjim

At Isabella’s, the ethos revolves around sharing and savoring a variety of dishes. The concept of small plates not only reduces food wastage but also creates an inviting ambiance, fostering conversations around the dining table.

Guests having an amazing time at Isabella’s

The culinary repertoire features a medley of Spain and Portugal, showcasing premium ingredients like Manchego cheese, Chorizo, and Smoked paprika. A standout inclusion is Bacalhau, the dried codfish from Portugal, adding a unique twist to the menu.

From classic tapas like Gambas Al Ajilo and Huevos Rotos to inventive dishes like goat’s cheese and Lentils on toast, Isabella’s offerings cater to diverse palates. Don’t miss out on their famous Patatas Bravas and the irresistible freshly fried Churros.

Patatas Bravas

Beyond tapas, Isabella’s surprises with main dishes, with their Paellas taking on a local flair with a special rice variety for that distinct flavor.

Spanish Garlic Prawns

The well-stocked bar at Isabella’s

The drinks menu is equally enticing, featuring homemade vermouths, signature sodas, and unique liqueurs like fig, apricot, and homemade limoncello. Vermouth masterclasses add an educational and interactive touch, making Isabella’s not just a dining destination but a gastronomic experience.

Different varieties of homemade vermouths

Isabella’s Tapas Bar extends its charm beyond food and drinks, hosting lively events such as Quiz nights and live Latin music. With plans for more exciting happenings, this establishment aims to be the neighborhood spot where good food, great vibes, and delightful experiences converge. Raise a glass to the taste of Spain in Goa at Isabella’s!