Events that are exclusively held in Goa

There are some Events held across the country and there are some held only in Goa. Reason being, hmm… well because it has a bit of everything.  Don’t believe me? I have gathered some festivals that are great examples of how Goa has given equal importance to every festival, right from the Grape Escapade to IFFI, everything is a celebration.

Sao Jao festival

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It is one of the most playful festivals of Goa wherein people drink feni and jump into the well. Jumping in a pond or pool is an alternative today. It is held during the monsoon on June 24th and is dedicated to St John the Baptist. So every year on this occasion there are many parties held all over Goa. People wear colorful clothes with a ‘kopel’ a sort of crown made of flowers, leaves, and fruit on their heads on this occasion.

International Film Festival India (IFFI)

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International Film Festival India aka IFFI is held every year in the month of November in Goa. It is a wonderful platform for upcoming talents to showcase their work and get noticed by the fraternity. Annually you will get to see big names from the film industry, artists and musicians coming together and giving talks, engaging in different activities and celebrating cinema.


Goa Carnival

Talking about exclusivity how can one forget Carnival. One of the most exciting events of the year, full of color and music, is usually held in the month of February, just before Good Friday, just 40 days before Easter. The Carnaval consists of cultural float parades and partying across the city.  Most of the floats carry messages of social evils like smoking, child abuse etc. and best of the floats wins a handsome cash price. King Momo and his Queen reign throughout the 5 days of the Carnaval. He is seen atop the leading float during the parade.

The Grape Escapade

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Last but not the least India’s largest wine festival is also held in Goa. You will see people from of across the state coming together and enjoying this beautiful event. You will get to see catering companies being generous and offering you sweet treats in food tastings and demonstrations. If you are a food lover, then you can’t miss this one!

By: Priyanka Shetty

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