Ever heard about the money stone in Goa?

Story behind the famous ‘money stone’ is an interesting one. Visitors to Goa always leave a mark behind. It may be their songs, music dance or their language, either way they have influenced Goans in Goa in one way or the other. Similarly artist Jacek Tylickian left something behind that became a pilgrimage site for many tourists and locals alike.

The stone sculpture famously known as the ‘money stone’ by many locals was installed in Palolem in the year 2008. “Give If You Can – Take If You Have To” is inscribed on it and besides money, other items such as food material, first aid, cigarettes Etc can also be found.

The artist was born in Sopot, Poland and in the year 1982 he settled in the U.S. He has visited India 14 times. The idea behind the sculpture is to decrease the gap between the “Haves and the have-nots”. There are four places in the world that have the same art work installed. Dublin (Ireland), Sopot (Poland), Palolem (Goa, India) and the fourth being in Kozhikode (in the state of Kerala, sculpture was installed in 2015).


If ever in Goa, it is worth visiting the stone, if not for the stone just visit it for the view.

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