Exam pressure dooms Goan children

The news of two teenagers ending their lives due to exam pressure is a saddening incident in Goa. In a state where personal happiness triumphs everything else, the suicides are a gory reminder of the changing times. Goan children seem to be losing their ‘Sussegad’ attitude. Not only are Goan children of today under immense pressure to excel in studies but also in extracurricular activities. A question does arise, is the trend of excelling at the cost of losing one’s childhood worth it?
It seems that competitive world environment has finally arrived in Goa. The SSC results for this year clearly indicate it. Competition is on the rise and Goan children are becoming academically more aware. Today more and more children are availing the services of a private tutor after the usual school hours. Leaving very less free time.
Improvement in the economic condition over the years means that parents today can afford to spend substantial resources to educate their children. Since there are resources at their disposal many children work hard and try to do their best. Best isn’t a criteria that is ‘one size fits all’. Different students have different levels of competence for academic achievement.
Similarly a child may not be academically gifted but he/she may be a genius artist or an athlete, anything is possible. The world needs engineers, doctors and scientists. But the world also needs drivers to transport engineer’s technology, farmers  to feed the doctors and shopkeepers to sell inventions by scientist.
It is noticed that dignity of labor does not exist in India. Everyone dreams of being prosperous and successful. It seems that there is a belief that only certain professions will provide respect. It is clearly not true. Hence this race to earn marks and than race to get a high paying job, needs to be slowed down a little. Personal growth and development need to be the focus. After all who cares if you sell bread by the road? As long as it makes you happy!
If you have any tips on, how children of Goa should deal with the exam pressure? Do let us know in the comments.

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