Experience Wild Goa!


Attention all dare devils and adrenalin junkies out there! Wild Goa is calling this monsoon!

If the previous articles posted this week did not convince you to travel to Goa, then this might. Goa is blessed by nature in all her beauty. And what’s better? She has stunning rivers too! Try out white water rafting in the exhilarating rivers and streams of Goa this monsoon season and experience the wild side Goa has to offer.

Wild Goa

According to my daring friends, monsoon is the season where this sport is most thrilling. There are rafting trips organized from the end of June till September twice a day (9.30 am and 2.30pm) by Goa Rafting. The jerks, narrow passages, whirlpools and splashing of icy cold turbulent waves will surely change your perspective of the peaceful and susegadGoa you had imagined. This experience will help you explore the deep and unknown wilderness areas of the state. The Mhadei River consumes the outpouring of water from the South West monsoon and offers fine rafting on class 2 to 3 rapids with stunning forest backdrops. In addition, rafting point will take you through the wilderness of the Wildlife Sanctuary situated in the UNESCO’s Word Heritage area of the Western Ghats and it is an ideal first time rafting trip.

If you are unable to take a couple of days off during the monsoon to fulfil your adventure dreams, there’s hope! Tilari River Gorge is another good spot for rafting in Goa, which is offered between October and April. You will get the chance to experience the dense forests of north Goa. The thrill will vary according to the rain fall and dam releases. There are quite a number of vendors offering rafting packages in Goa. It is better to check out the Goa tourism site or reviews online to see which one suits you.

Safety Issues

In regards to safety during the two to three hour trip, experienced tour guides will assist you and provide safety gear like life vest and helmets. It is important to follow their instructions and not goof around, for your own sake and your team. Rafting can be a thrilling experience, but you most also be aware of the surroundings and potential dangers.

Relaxation without a pinch of water sports is not doing justice to the pristine waters or vacation-lifestyle associated with Goa. Out of the many water sports available, navigating the rapids of Goa’s many rivers on a raft has to be on your bucket list this monsoon if you are game for adventure.