Exquisite Restaurants and Cafe’s: Near Calangute Beach


Included in this article is our review on the most exquisite restaurants and cafe’s for tourists to visit when in Calangute.

The beautiful village of Calangute, located on the coastal belt of North Goa, is the epicentre of Goa’s spectacular nightlife, beach parties and superb water sports. It is home to the world-famous Calangute beach, which is often referred to as the queen of beaches. The beach receives huge footfalls every day from thousands of tourists as well as locals, who come to the beach to have a nice time with their family and friends.

Visitors are seen having a good time on the beach, swimming, sunbathing, and indulging in a variety of water sports activities. After exhausting themselves, many of them look for nice restaurants to enjoy a nice and tasty meal and some innovative cocktails to recharge themselves.

Thankfully, Calangute is home to several restaurants that offer a variety of mouth-watering dishes from different cuisines. For those planning their next vacation in this tourist hotspot anytime soon, here’s a list of the top most exquisite restaurants and cafe’s near Calangute Beach. 


Exterior view of Infantaria Cafe (Image Credit: facebook.com/streetsthattalk)

Starting the list of exquisite restaurants and cafe’s near Calangute Beach is Cafe Infantaria. This cafe is a great place to have a nice breakfast, brunch, or high tea. It is set in a good location and is just a few minutes walk to Calangute beach. This place is spread across two floors. The ground floor is small and fills up pretty quickly, but it is on the roadside so you can get a good view of things happening around. But if you want to relax and enjoy some peace, then you must go to the second floor. The place has a decent number of granite-top tables and traditional black chairs. 

The place is neat, clean, and has a nice ambience. They even have live music in the evenings. The cafe has very good breakfast options like the English breakfast combo or the French toast with tea. All the food items served at the cafe, right from patties and eggs to their smoothies and milkshakes are excellent and very tasty. The in-house bakery serves delicious cakes and muffins. They also have a bar service. If you’re in Calangute and are looking for a place to have a great breakfast, this place is the place to go to. 


Roboto (Image Credit: Roboto Goa Facebook Page)

Next on our list of top restaurants and cafes near Calangute beach is Roboto. This is a Japanese and Korean contemporary street style and izakaya-style restaurant. It is located near the Dolphin Circle in the heart of Calangute. The restaurant completed one year of operations in 2022. The place is beautiful, not very crowded and the service is excellent. The staff are very attentive, but non-intrusive. They have a limited menu. However, every dish on their menu is top class and delicious. You must try the pork gyoza, kobujime, crusted fish, jjamppong ramen and teriyaki fish don buri. They serve very nice cocktails as well. Highly recommended place for those who are keen on trying some Japanese cuisine.

Souza Lobo

Souza Lobo Restaurant, Calangute (Image Credit: facebook.com/souzalobogoa)

Next on our list of top restaurants and cafes near Calangute beach is the famous Souza Lobo restaurant. One of the oldest and longest-running restaurants in Goa, Souza Lobo sits at the Calangute beachfront serving delicious seafood. This restaurant serves good food in a nice ambient setting, with a beautiful view of the beach. Outdoor seating is also available at the restaurant. Visitors can soak up some Goan culture while enjoying dishes like the Goan sausage fried rice and chicken xacuti, prawn curry, tiger prawn balchao, potato skin fry, pork sausages stuffed in squid and garlic butter squid! For dessert, you must try their delicious Caramel custard with bebinca.

Pousada By The Beach

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra with their friends at Pousada By The Beach in Calangute (Image credit: facebook.com/pousadabythebeach)

Next on our list of the top restaurants and cafes near Calangute beach is “Pousada by the Beach”. This is a nice and classy beachside restaurant. The ambience of being on the beach with the natural breeze, yet protected from the harsh sun or rain is divine. The menu has a good mix of Goan and Italian dishes and some innovative cocktails that tickle your taste buds. They have a wide variety of seafood delicacies on their menu. These include their king crab curry, tiger prawns, shark Ambot-tik curry, prawn biryani and salmon grill to name a few.

Aggie’s Cafe

The seating arrangement at Aggie’s Cafe, Calangute (Image: Aggie Cafe Facebook Page)

And concluding our list of the top restaurants and cafes near Calangute beach is a popular shack known as Aggie’s Cafe. This place is located on a semi-secluded stretch of Calangute beach and offers good quality Indian, Chinese, and European dishes. They also offer excellent spring rolls, sandwiches, and most importantly, fresh fish. One must try their red masala pomfret, which is very tasty and will leave you licking your fingers. The restaurant has a well-stocked bar with a fantastic cocktail list. Their Mojito cocktail and their Pina Colada are highly recommended for cocktail lovers.

With this, we conclude our list of the most exquisite Restaurants and Cafe’s Near Calangute Beach. So, what are you waiting for guys? Gather your closest buddies and head down to one of these amazing restaurants and cafes to enjoy a memorable evening, feasting on some delicious food and drinks, right in front of the majestic Arabian Sea. Hurry! Make your reservations now!