Restaurants and Cafe’s near Palolem Beach For Tourists


The beautiful village of Palolem is known for its peace and tranquillity. It is home to the famous Palolem beach, which draws thousands of visitors every year to its graceful shores.  Thousands of tourists are seen having a good time on the beach, swimming, sunbathing and indulging in a variety of water sports activities. After exhausting themselves, many of them look for nice restaurants to enjoy a nice and tasty meal and some innovative cocktails to recharge themselves. Thankfully, there are many exquisite restaurants and cafes close to the beach which offer a variety of mouth-watering dishes and refreshing drinks. In this article, we explore the best restaurants and cafes near Palolem beach. 

Cafe Inn

First on our list of the best restaurants and cafes near Palolem beach is Café Inn, the in-house restaurant at Crystal Goa Hotel, Palolem. The café serves sandwiches, burgers, salads and a range of Mediterranean cuisine. The place has got a very relaxing atmosphere. Their feta cheese sandwich and their eggs on toast are something you really can’t afford to miss. Their delicious smoothies and freshly prepared juices are also very good.

Cafe Del Mar

Next on our list of the best restaurants and cafes near Palolem beach is Cafe Del Mar. This white tented bar and restaurant on Palolem Beach features wooden tables and lounge chairs, which are ideal for putting your feet up and relaxing with a glass of beer. Choose from their cocktail menu or have a shot of your favourite whiskey mixed with one of their freshly pressed juices. The food on their menu is delicious and mouth-watering. Their beef steak sizzler, their marinara Pizza, and their Napolitano pasta are the most popular dishes.

Royal Touch Beach Shack

This shack-cum-restaurant is a nice place where one can just sit and enjoy the serenity of the beach with good food and booze. The food served here is simply too good. They serve a nice complimentary Indian breakfast here every morning. There are sun loungers and parasols near the shack where one can relax and bask in the beautiful sun while sipping a nice fresh cocktail. In the evenings, tables are laid out for a BBQ party featuring a live seafood counter. On Fridays, they have live music at the property. The staff at the restaurant are very professional and friendly and go out of their way to assist you with anything you need.

Jaali Café

Jaali Café  was set up in 2015. It is located around 2 kilometres from Palolem beach. Six years down the line, this place has become a favourite on the southern coastal belt. They specialize in Mediterranean and Middle-eastern cuisine. For seafood lovers, their Pesce platter, comprising mackerel pate’, salt and pepper calamari prawn, coconut cauliflower tahini, served with pickle and chips is highly recommended. Their Cafe Americano and Espresso Macchiato are the best coffee drinks one can ever find in South Goa.

Karma Cafe and Bakery

And last on our list of exquisite restaurants and cafes near Palolem beach is the Karma Cafe and Bakery. This is a small and quiet cafe located just a short 20-minute walk from Palolem beach. The ambiance of the place is very peaceful. The cafe offers a variety of vegetarian/vegan snacks and meals, homemade gluten-free bread, cakes and cookies. They also serve delicious smoothies and cold drinks, as well as tea and coffee. The staff of the cafe is very friendly and courteous. 

The prices are what is expected for western-style food (they also have Nepali), but if you’re looking for vegan lunch or a lovely cake/pie, maybe an iced tea or smoothie in a cute cafe then this is the place to go to. Everything is made fresh, so expect to wait for a little while for some of the items. 

With this, we conclude our list of the best restaurants and cafes near Palolem beach. So, if you are feeling a little lonely and tired during the weekend,  head down with your family and friends to one of these amazing restaurants in Palolem and enjoy a beautiful evening, while munching on some delicious food and beverages. Hurry! Make your reservations now!