Centrally located alongside the Jardin Garcia de Orta (or Municipal Garden) near the iconic Panaji church, Fantasia is a great place for some delectable quick bites at very affordable prices. The glitzy place is designed as a party-zone, but they don’t serve alcohol. It’s a cafeteria, salad bar, boardroom and party zone with loud music, all rolled into one. A fun place for youngsters. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying their quickly-assembled salads like a superb Pasta Salad which you can have in veg and non-veg versions or the Caesar’s Salad, Tuna or Sweet Corn salad. All portions are quite big and make for a decent meal. They also have Goan sandwiches like Tongue Roast Grilled made from ox tongue, Beef Roast Grilled the classic beef sandwich, all kinds of burgers, rolls of Paneer Schezwan, Rissois fried stuffed dumplings and Sausage Puffs. Plus mocktails like Pina Colada, Fruit Punch, et al are there to quench your thirst besides sodas, hot beverages like Espresso and Capuccino (Rs.75) and more. Visit this place, the next time you’re in the Panaji church square area.

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