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As it gets hotter day by day this summer, the first thing that comes to mind is which cool place can we visit to beat the heat. Being living in Goa or even visiting, I must say you have multiple options like beaches, waterfalls, springs, ponds, rivers, dams, and Farm houses. But if you want to experience all in one place like a nice cool pool, some shade, greenery, food, and fun. Then the Farm house in Goa are the perfect place you can visit along with your family and friends to beat the heat this summer. Here are some top 5 farm houses in Goa that make you feel refreshed and fun.

Goa Aqua World-Sarvaraj Eco-Farm

Sarvaraj Farm- Farm Houses in Goa

The Goa aqua world is located between the serene village of Bicholim. It is the expansion of Sarvaraj Eco- Farm, the aqua world is a mixture of joy, thrill, fun, adventure, and Nature. It awaits you to experience its amenities and activities that have newly been launched. They have three swimming pools, roller coasters, zip lining, and much more. They also have a wide range of packages to choose from, so go visit now. This one of Farm Houses in Goa that will be a perfect place for your kids for this summer.

The Pascoal Farm

Pascoal Spice Farm- Farm Houses in Goa

The Pascoal farm is an award-winning organic Spice farm located in a small part of the Khandeparker village in the Ponda taluka Goa. At Pascoal farm you are greeted with a warm gesture and the entire farm is filled with a wonderful smell and beautiful sites. The Pascoal Farm house is one of the Farm Houses in Goa is surrounded by tall palm trees and vibrant spice plants. The air is filled with the aroma of spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, and some other spices.

You are also given a tour of the farm by a local guide. He will tell you about the spices grown there and also teaches you about the farming techniques from start to finish. They also have an organic garden bearing delicious fruits and herbs. To help calm your hunger, they have a buffet of delicious goan food prepared from the spices and vegetables from their garden. 

Nandanvan- Goa

Nandanvan- Farm house  in Goa

The Nandanvan spice farm offers a significant run through, through Goa’s Cultural heritage. Just like the other spice farms this too is surrounded by greenery and has a good range of activities and amenities to offer. As you enter they greet you by showering some flower petals over you, further leading you with a local guide. who gives you a tour of the farm. The best part about Nandanvan is the traditional Goan meal cooked with fresh seafood and scrumptious fried fish.

Heera Recreation and Entertainment

Heera Farm

The Heera Farm is one of the coolest and most common places to visit in Goa and is perfect for a family picnic/ outing. They offer amenities such as a pool, rain dance, water slides, and a garden to enjoy. you can carry your own food or also have a barbeque or opt for their buffet options. You can also book a cottage if you are planning to have an overnight stay.

Rods Farm

Rods Farm

Located in the peaceful village of Nuvem, Goa, Lies The Rods Farm House is the perfect Getaway for one, as it is surrounded by lush green trees and tall palm trees. They offer cottages for all types of people and travelers with the latest amenities for solo travelers, couples, and families.  Apart from a swimming pool they also have an indoor game room. To refresh and relax your mind, you can engage yourself in yoga and opt for a relaxing ayurvedic spa treatment.