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‘To Dad with love’ – A Father’s Day Tribute

‘My special moments with dad’

This article, ‘To Dad with Love’ – A Father’s Day Tribute, is inspired by fond memories I have of my childhood with my dad.

We lived in Mumbai for many years before coming back to our roots in Goa. I remember, as kids, Dad made everything interesting and fun. Thursdays were special. Dad would bring home boxes of a variety of sweetmeats – ‘Mithai’. It was a feast for us kids. He would also take us for ‘Horse-garry’ (Victoria) rides on weekends. Back then Mumbai was famous for its Victorias. The ride would take us along Marine Drive and back. It was awesome.

Father's Day
The ‘horse-garry’ rides of Mumbai

Whenever there was a Phantom or Tarzan movie playing in a theatre nearby, we would go together, my brothers, dad and myself. Even his letters to us were full of interesting characters. His letters were frequent when we were on school vacation in Goa. I remember a letter he wrote describing an ordinary house lizard on the wall as ‘Lizzyloo’. He even made little drawings on the letters describing the creatures. It made reading his letters extremely exciting.


Father's Day
Dad relaxing with his brother

This is what a few friends had to say about Father’s Day:

“My dad used to be working nights. He used to come home late at night and throw chocolates in the air and say ‘GBG’ ‘grab boys grab’.  We were six siblings. All of us would jump up from our sleep scamper around to grab the most chocolates, kiss him on the cheek and go back to sleep. Many times he would substitute chocolates with coins.”  says Donald Fernandez, Director, Creometric reminiscing his happy childhood.

Says Sankalp Malik, HR Manager, Kodework:

“Surprised him with a tight hug early in the morning, made tea for him, which he loves! during the day organised for a special cake from Vivanta, made to order, the icing was placed on the cake by me to add that personal touch. Followed by a family dinner to Navtara!”

From his childhood memories, Sankalp has this to say, “ he’d take us (bro n I with Mum) for long drives, best one was when we visited the Churches at Old Goa after which we had a mini picnic at one of those lawns.”

Another Professional, Lyndon J Pinto fondly states,

“My father took up a job that allowed him to be with me in the afternoons and evenings, while he worked at nights and in the mornings so that I would never be deprived of his attention and time. His constant presence and assurances made me confident in my own abilities and encouraged me to take on tasks I would have otherwise shied away from.”

The ‘Mother of Father’s Day’ – How Father’s Day was born

Known as the ‘Mother of Father’s Day’, Sonora Louise Smart Dodd helped her father raise  5 brothers. She was just 16-years-old then. Her mother having died in childbirth. The oldest of 6 children, and the only girl, Sonora had happy memories of her father, William Jackson Smart, a farmer and civil war veteran.

Years later, as a wife and mother, Sonora, in 1909 heard a sermon in church on Mother’s day and wondered why there was no ‘Father’s Day’? She decided to encourage the local authorities to set up a ‘Father’s Day’. The date she had in mind was 6th June, her late father’s birthday. Her wish was granted and 19th June 1909 was declared a holiday in honour of ‘Father’s Day’.

Today, however, the 3rd Sunday in June is celebrated as ‘Father’s Day’.

The saying, ‘A girl’s first love and a child’s hero is his/her father’! Nothing can be truer. Things mummies can’t help us with, daddies can. In fact, Daddies are our heroes!  

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