Goa today does not need any introduction to tourists, the identity has already been established. Over the years Goa has seen tremendous amount of tourists from India as well as  the world. A beautiful place to visit with magnificent beaches and extraordinary places combined with people who are endowed with geniality and warmth. The standard has been set high.

Goa has not always been on the maps from the beginning. It took time and patience, creating awareness with friends, family, by word of mouth at that time. Getting a large audience’s attention on this exceptional place was first accomplished due to the film industry . Filmmakers would shoot their movies at different locations here. This helped encourage tourism for Goa on a big scale.

The movie ‘Dil chahta hai’ which was a big hit was shot mostly in Goa. This movie not only showcased Goa’s attractive places to people around the world but also in a way demonstrated what activities they could engage in. Making people aware that yes there is a small yet extraordinary place called Goa. Tourists come searching for the ‘ Dil chahta hai fort’ which is actually the Chapora Fort, the film was shot at this fort, hence the instantaneous fame.

Not only this movie but there are couple of other movies that had their locations for shoot here in Goa. Like Ek duuje ke liye( 1981) this movie had a scene on one of the beaches of Goa, Pukar(1983) starring Amitabh Bachchan, Kabhi haan kabhi naa(1994) and Josh(2000) which unveiled the streets of Vasco, are just some of the films that were shot in Goa. Other movies like Singham, Dum maro dum, Finding Fanny, Bhootnath, Guzaarish are more recently ones to be filmed here.

The bollywood industry has definitely brought a lot of popularity to Goa and its places, but not always in a good way. Some of the movies have negatively promoted Goa E.g portraying it as a  hub of drugs and prostitution. The movies like ‘Dum maro dum’ and ‘Go Goa Gone’  have given out a bad impression about the people of Goa affecting the tourism industry in Goa.

Goa today has certainly put itself on the global map. Boosting its tourism industry since the very beginning, little by little. Goan people, culture, food, locations getting promoted through cinema  is an advantage and absolutely beneficial as its reach is global. It is indeed beautiful that our robust culture and land end up inspiring people to visit the state!

Written by Genevieve Fernandes