Top Fast Food Joints That Serve the Finest Ros Omelette in Goa


“Goan Ros Omelette” is a popular comfort food served at hundreds of roadside eateries and stalls all over Goa. It consists of three main elements – a spicy curry (usually chicken) poured over an omelette and served with a pao (a Goan bread). The gravy is cooked separately, usually like a xacuti or any similar coconut based gravy. The omelette is the classic Indian omelette with finely chopped chillies, onions, coriander and salt.  A street food special, ros omelette is a complete meal in itself. As with any other street food, there are different varieties of this popular dish. This includes a ros omelette served with mutton ros, chicken ros, or potato ros. The dish is traditionally sold by food carts in the various towns of Goa. These carts start dispensing the same early evenings and continue to serve them after midnight. A lot of restaurants also feature this dish on their menus. Here’s a list of the top fast-food joints that serve the finest ros omelette in Goa.

Gopal Ros Omelette, Colva Circle Road, Margao

First on our list of the top fast-food joints that serve the finest ros omelette in Goa is the Gopal Ros Omelette stall in Margao. This roadside stall, located on Mungul Road near the Old Market circle, serves one of the finest ros omelettes in Margao. The coconut gravy is really full of flavours and the omelette is also very delicious. Not to forget it is reasonably priced at just Rs. 40. The service is also very quick over here.

The place gets crowded by 6.30 pm. Also, there is a table near the stall that can seat up to 6 people. They also serve delicious omelette pav, chicken curry, mutton curry, and hot soup. Do stop by here for a quick meal of Ros Omelette when in Margao.

Sandeep Ros Omelette stall, Panjim

Next on our list of the top fast-food joints that serve the finest ros omelette in Goa is the Sandeep Ros Omelette stall, located near the Panjim Municipal market. This place is one of the few places in Panjim where you can enjoy amazing ros omelettes. 

Earlier, when it was located at the Panjim Square in Altinho, it used to always be very crowded. Then, when the Panjim municipality started clamping down on food carts in the city centre, the stall had to shift to its current location near Panjim Market.

After shifting to the new location, business dropped by a very huge margin. However, things have significantly improved and the stall is now doing quite well. It has now been upgraded from a cart to a small shop. They have a sitting area with two tables. The egg for the ros omelette is fried as per your liking and topped up with gravy and a few pieces of chicken xacuti and pao. Apart from ros omelette, the stall also serves other items like chicken fried rice, egg fried rice, boiled eggs and soft drinks.

Sirsat No. 1, Assagao

Sirsat No. 1 is a ros omelette stall located in a little lane near Vinayak Bar and Restaurant in Assagao. Mr. Sirsat, the proprietor of the stall, has been serving Ras Omelettes for more than twenty years now. Until Covid struck, he was based in Panjim, where he would sell hundreds of portions of this incredible dish every day.  

The pandemic as well as the Panaji Smart City project forced him to shift his stall to its present-day location at Assagao. Mr. Sirsat’s ros gravy has a thick consistency and is not too spicy. Also, he serves his ros omelette with katre pao, which provides a huge unique twist to the whole dish. The taste, quality and quantity of his ros omelettes are simply amazing. The place is a must-visit when in Assagao.

Damu Ros Omelette, Verem

This is a roadside eatery that looks very ordinary but serves food that is very extraordinary in terms of taste and quality. It serves one of the best ros omelettes you can find anywhere in Verem. It also serves chicken cafreal on certain days of the week. The location of the place might be a little off, but it’s truly worth making the trip to tthis place to have the ros Omelette with poi. The place also serves amazing omelette burgers. It is certainly a place that you must visit when passing through Verem. 

Ulhas Goan Ros Omelette stall, Margao

And last on our list of the top fast-food joints that serve the finest ros omelette in Goa is the Ulhas ros omelette stall. It is located near Kris Kross garment store, opposite Bank of Baroda in Margao. It serves delicious ros omelette with a spicy mind-blowing gravy that tantalises your taste buds.

The stall has been around for many years and has continued to remain popular with Madgaonkars looking for a quick meal, especially during the evenings. It also offers chicken xacuti and a mutton ros with pao or katre pao; they also make good chicken soup and on Mondays, you can get the “Shivrak” or veg gravy on your omelettes. You also get the option of replacing the omelette with a scrambled egg known as “bhurji”, or with a half fried egg or fully fried egg.

With this, we conclude our list of the top fast-food joints that serve the finest ros omelette in Goa. So, if you are feeling very tired after work and can’t wait to get home to have a meal and satiate your hunger cravings, then head down to one of these amazing roadside eateries and enjoy a plate of some delicious ros omelette along with your colleagues and friends. Bon Appetit!