First Goa Animal Liberation March to be held on Dec 17 at Panaji


DECEMBER 15, 2022, Panaji: The Vegoan, a group of grassroots Animal Liberation activists based in Goa, is organising the first Goa Animal Liberation March on Saturday, December 17 at Panaji.

The event is aimed at drawing focus to the immense suffering that people’s choices inflict upon animals for food, clothing, entertainment, experimentation and labour, and urging them to make changes. Activists from several Indian cities, including Goa, will march on the streets chanting slogans to acquaint people with the reality of the world’s most neglected victims, animals. The activists will assemble at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Park, Patto, where the march will commence at 4pm and thereafter culminate at Azad Maidan.

A public speak-out will be performed at the end of the event to underscore ‘Speciesism’, a form of discrimination that fuels the exploitation of sentient beings on the ethically irrelevant basis of their species.

Refraining from the exploitation of animals for food, clothing, experimentation, entertainment or any other purpose to the highest extent practically possible is referred to as being vegan. In addition to preventing animal suffering and improving health, avoiding animal-based choices is also crucial for mitigating environmental devastation and world hunger. It takes enormous amounts of grains, water and other resources to raise the tens of billions of animals that we breed into existence every year.