Fishing ban in Goa – will East coast rescue the West coast?

The yearly fishing ban of 61-days has come into force from June 1 and will last till July 31. The uniform ban on the entire Western coast of India is applicable to only mechanized trawlers and boats using the trawl-net and purse-seine method for fishing. Traditional canoes are however exempted from this ban as long as they use gill net method for fishing.

Why the ban?

The primary objective behind the fishing ban is to allow the fish to breed. Continous fishing can deplete the fish resource in the sea. In order to allow the fish to replenish adequately, mechanized fishing is not allowed.

East coast helps the West coast

Goa has begun to receive fish from states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The Eastern coast of India observes a fishing ban once Goan fishing ban comes to an end. Hence, Fish from the Eastern side of the country makes its way to Goa.


“when fishing ban begins in Goa, fishing season starts in Tamil Nadu and as such a lot of fish is supplied from Chennai and its surrounding areas,” informed a source quoted in a report.

Traditional fishermen

Since the ban is not applicable to them, traditional fishermen continue to supply fish to Goans. The available fish is considered very expensive. Primary reason is because the demand for fish is higher than the supply.


A few Goans stock up on dry fish prior to rainy season. Fish is dried and salted during the summer season. Dried fish is used as an alternative to freshly caught fish during the rainy season which is usually very expensive and unaffordable to some Goans. Karwar, Friday Mapusa market and Purumentachem fest are good places for buying dry fish.

“My family loves dry fish, especially dried mackerels and prawns. We relish the mouth-watering ‘kismur,’ which is prepared from dried prawns, and dry mackerel curry and rice. The dry fish stocked for the monsoon helps a lot as hardly any fresh fish is available in the market and one does not feel like going to the market when it rains heavily,” a local was quoted in a report.

During the ban, mechanized boats and trawlers under go maintenance. The crew working on these vessels usually migrants visit their native villages and come back when the season starts. Fish from states on the East coast make fish available to the consumers.

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