It is a hangout for the Gen Next who love food, as well as families. Fish’ka – a concept of Cyril Henriques, has a bamboo bar, photographs on the wall, shades of green with cushions thrown against the wall; it gives an easy chilled out experience, to unwind, relax and enjoy. The choice of wine available in the restaurant is creatively pasted an old bottles, the tandoori quietly smoking at the far end of the room. On Thursdays and Fridays the music evolves around an instrument, saxophone, violin et al. The menu is a multi-cuisine affair with a strong focus on European and Fish’ka specialites for the asking. Start with Prawns Wrapped in Chicken. The creamy spiced red tomato gravy is tongue tingling and different. Or order the spicy creamy prawns. Fresh cream spiced with Cyril’s own mix of three chillies, the cubes of onions give the sweet relief. Remember the tandoor? Cyril’s creative inputs are fired from within. The Kathi Roll…a choice of chicken or beef with juliennes of vegetables. The naans too, stuffed ‘as you like it’ …not a Shakespearean volume but Indian to the core.

The Potato Chilli Cheese Naan is what this stuff is made of. Steak lovers, stake those rupees on the Beef Steak with mushroom and peppers. Order it medium done’, the succulence of the meat is too good to resist. The Grilled Pork Chop with its BBQ sauce is another preparation that is well prepared. The menu lists a whole lot of old favourites too. Calamari, you have it plain, masala, garlic, golden fry, crispy fry… There is another speciality up Cyrils repertoire. The whole Stuffed Chicken…deboned and stuffed before being roasted, but call and place that order, it’s a special affair. The Gen Next love style but he has maintained a good balance in his menu to keep the families coming in too. If one is looking critically at Fish’ka, the choice of desserts should not be addressed. But after a meal like that would anyone have the urge to complete the meal with a dessert? It is a place for everybody to jam up…not literally speaking of course, the spice in the food ensures a memorable experience.


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