6 Flyboarding in Goa Rules Meant To Be Broken


Would you like to fly up in the air simply like the superhero you see in Marvel comics and then inside a span of a few minutes swim like a dolphin? Well as amazing and dreamy as it sounds, you in reality can do that in Goa. Flyboarding in Goa is a new set of innovation in extreme water sports activities that takes adventure to a entire new level.

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Flyboarding in Goa Locations

This thriller recreation is done in the stunning Chapora River, which is regarded the well-known vacation spot for the Flyboarding in Goa. River Chapora’s water is calm and Serene which is appropriate for Fly boarding activity.

Your adrenaline will rush and you will experience butterflies in your stomach while you perform these superhero stunts which you have normally seen on Fear Factor. Come fly up in the sky and feel one with nature.

Witness the surreal scenes round you when doing this adventure from an aerial top that will provide you goosebumps and then dive deep into the waters and soar yet again in the air feeling free-spirited.

Trip Highlights

  • The Fly board is a board with straps so as to secure your feet.
  • Beneath every foot a cold-water jetpack is fixed.
  • A long tube and an adapter are used to attach the Fly board to a Jet Ski. Those jetpacks get water from this Jet Ski and it is the propulsion that makes you fly in the air and then you dive under the water.
  • You go as high as up to 30 ft. In the air and dive below the water and then shoot up and swim like a dolphin.

Flyboarding in Goa Safety Tips
Be rest assured when it comes to your safety as you will be taken care of by means of expert and well-qualified team.

Competent guide will be assigned to you who will provide you an insight into the sport, instruct you and inform about the safety instructions you want to take into consideration.
Children under 13 years can’t take up this sport.

Rental equipment, life jackets and 5 minutes of instructions and training furnished with the aid of expert instructors are included in the package.

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3,000 – 5,500 Per Person
An extra quantity of Rs 500/- for pictures and videos

Fly boarding (15 Minutes)
Kayaking (15 Minutes)
Paddle Board (15 Minutes)

Things to keep in mind when Flyboarding
If this extreme level Flyboarding is your cup of tea then you need to keep the following things in mind and bring them along, namely:

Board shorts
Sunscreen (SPF 35+), shades and hat

Duration: 15 – 30 Min.
Availability: 365 Days
Min Age: 12+