Vagator Food Truck

Yummy burgers and wraps and chicken cafreal

Joel Muniz’s Food Engine is a Food Truck with a difference.

Actually, if you watched the movie, “Chef.” Joel Moniz is a lot like that Chef. (Not that Joel got thrown out of his job like the Chef in the movie was, but Joel sure has the same passion and love for food and cooking as that Chef displayed).

Vagator Food truck
Joel Muniz @ Food Engine
Pic credit: Food Engine Facebook Page

Actually, Joel Moniz learned his special art at IHM Kerala and then worked for a hotel in the CGH Group, in Kerala for 2 full years. He even worked at the Chic W Hotel in Vagator for 2 months, before he decided to break free and start his own Food Truck called Food Engine.

Joel parks his Food Truck outside the AJ Supermarket in Vagator every evening from 5 pm to 11 pm. Come 5.30 pm you can tell that Joel’s business is in full swing by the delicious aroma of fried onions that fill the air around the bus stop nearby. Shoppers at AJ Supermarket can’t resist his charm. The tourists who wait at the bus stop are usually tempted to walk over for a juicy chicken burger or a wrap (what better way to pass the time waiting for the bus to arrive?). It’s also not uncommon, especially on weekends, to see lines of tourists’ cars parked on the road nearby. Those tourists are quite happy to queue up for their quota of Joel’s magically delicious wraps, burgers and chicken cafreal.

Vagator Food Truck
Vagator Food Truck called Food Engine:
Pic Credit: Food Engine Facebook page

Have you tried his cafreal chicken?

It’s a secret recipe dished out by his beloved mum. Which means you get real, authentic, old-fashioned, home-cooked cafreal. Prepared by an expert in the age-old art of making Portuguese style cafreal. No wonder the aromas have such a strong capacity to haunt you.

The BBQ chicken has his own brand of magic too. His own creation of the BBQ sauce. This kinda competition would shake up even the chef in the movie.

Then there’s the authentic Goan brown bread ( in Goa, we call it’poee’). Not only is it delicious it’s 100% healthy too. What a combination! Chicken roast, chicken salami, chicken sausage…place your order. In a burger or in a wrap. With or without cheese and fries. Then sit down and enjoy your presentation with the classic sounds of Vagator village at night and the stars up in the sky. It’s a unique Goan eat-on-the-road experience you’ll cherish and keep coming back for more.


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