Best Food Trucks in Goa To Stop At Once Done Sightseeing


If you’ve seen the 2017 Bollywood movie ‘Chef,’ you’ll understand how thrilling it is to go around cities with your mobile restaurant. Eating authentic regional cuisine in gorgeous locations for just a few hundred rupees is definitely worth it. The best food trucks in Goa offer wonderful comfort food without compromising on quality. Also, the ingredients used are fresh and locally sourced. Although India has yet to fully embrace the food truck craze, Goa is one of the regions that has embraced it and given it a strong Goan twist. 

Here’s a list of the top food trucks in Goa where you can stop to have a quick bite. 

Noronha’s Food truck 

Noronha’s Corner (Image: 

This famed food truck, which is run by three Goan brothers, serves up some of the most genuine Goan style dishes and iconic pao-sandwiches in Goa.  

The brothers, who are experts in Goan cuisine, are very warm and friendly and greet all their customers with a pleasant smile. They mainly serve bite-sized comfort foods and snacks. The most popular items at this eatery include the chorizo pao, the amazing chicken cafreal and the fish cutlet and pao. You have a wide choice to choose from depending on what you desire.  

Many people have been regular loyal customers of the place since 2009 because the food served over here is so rich and delicious. Their pricing, which is both low and high, merits a special mention. 

Cuisine: Goan 

Timings: 6:30 pm- 12 am 

Location: Assagao-Anjuna crossing 


  • Sausage bread 
  • Beef chilly fry with bread 
  • Beef croquettes 
  • Spicy Chorizo hamburger 

Price range: Rs.80-100 

2. Food Engine 


After a long stint working in various corporate hotel chains, Joel Moniz decided that it was time to move and start his own enterprise.  
He founded this food truck in order to pursue his ambition to serve genuine, hygienic, and delicious meals.    

He offers a small menu that includes popular items such as warm and fluffy pita bread sandwiches, authentic Goan poee bread, and an age-old cafreal recipe passed down through his family.  

His truck is frequented by throngs of faithful customers.  

This is one of the greatest places to get burgers, sandwiches, or French fries and enjoy a one-of-a-kind meal that captures the essence of Goa. 

– Cuisine: Goan cuisine 

– Time: 5- 11 pm (closed on Thursday) 

– Location: Outside of AJ Supermarket in Vagator 

– Must-tries:  

  • Honey spiced chicken served in poee bread 
  • French Fries 
  • Chicken Cafreal 
  • BBQ chicken 

Price range: Rs.70-100 

3. Serial Grillers 


Serial Grillers is an American-style food truck owned and operated by Luiton, a burger aficionado. It is situated in Anjuna and operates six days a week. The eatery is true to its name as it specialises in all things grilled. The place is known for serving the finest beef burgers you can ever find in Goa. They even serve a delectable Philly Cheesesteak! By the time you’re done, the beef patties and vegetables have grilled and sizzled to your satisfaction. 

Cuisine: American  

Time: 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. 

Parking: Anjuna, across from La Bella restaurant. 


  • Veg and non-veg Wraps  
  • Agent 47 burger with chicken or beef patty. 
  • Massive monster burger with cheese, three beef patties, and an egg. 
  • An unusual middle-eastern za’atar-roasted vegetarian wrap. 

The price range is between Rs.80 and Rs.100. 

4. Antojitos 


Antojitos came into being in 2016 when Steve and Elvis, two culinary entrepreneurs began selling excellent meals from their brightly painted food truck at the Goan Carnival. They serve some of Goa’s most delectable Mexican cuisine. The truck now stands as a landmark in the neighbourhood, overlooking beautiful meadows.  
The prices are really reasonable, and there are several combos that are really worth the money. Quesadillas, shredded sandwiches, hamburgers, and freshly debuted pizzas are all available with a variety of delectable contents such as prawns, beef, chicken, and more. They serve ‘The Snickerdilla,’ a tortilla loaded with marshmallows, chocolate, hazelnuts, and salted caramel sauce for dessert aficionados. 

Cuisine: Mexican 

Time: 5:30pm to 10:30pm 

Location: Caranzalem Circle 

Must-tries: Nachos, Three Amigos beef burger with prawns and bacon and El Mexicana (salsa beans, cheese, chimi-churi, jalapenos & a sausage) 

Price Range- Rs.250 

5. Jerry’s Food Truck 

FC Goa players stop for a bite at Jerry’S Food Truck ( 

Jerry’s food truck, with its black and crimson flames, is a fitting representation of the hot burgers and shawarmas served here.  

established by Clarence Hendricks, the place is now known throughout Goa for its Indian-influenced wraps and burgers.  

Their burgers are massive and juicy, with either a vegetarian or non-vegetarian patty stacked with caramelised onion, fresh lettuce, spicy dips, and melting cheese on top. 

Cuisine: American fast food 

Time: 6pm- 11pm 

Location- Bambolim 


  • Chicken shawarma 
  • Beef Burger 
  • Goan chorizo burger 

Price range- Rs.150 for 2