Francisco Carvalho

4 Goan youth arrested for the murder of Francisco Carvalho


In the last few years, there have been multiple cases of gang violence reported in Goa, with fatal outcomes. As the body count rises, the constant discussions on Social Media platforms such as Facebook point to the fact that immigrants and ‘outsiders’ are coming to Goa and inciting violence, gang wars, and indulging in rape and other heinous activities. Over the weekend, however, the tables were turned when the unidentified body of a Goan man was found near the Borim bridge on Friday, September 6. While a case of unnatural death was reported, it wasn’t until later that the body was identified as Francisco Carvalho, a resident of Manora, Raia.

A man walked into a bar

According to statements from witnesses, Francisco Carvalho entered ‘Carlton Bar’ in Raia past midnight on Thursday the 5th, in (what appeared to be) an inebriated condition, demanding alcohol in a loud voice. His rude behaviour resulted in an argument with six people who were already at the bar. This led to a scuffle and a fight, where members of the gang of 6 ended up stabbing Carvalho using a broken bottle. The gang then carried the body of Francisco Carvalho to the Borim bridge where they dumped it at the base of one of the pillars.

A swift investigation

The public and the police force alike are lauding the swift police work carried out by South Goa Superintendent of Police Arvind Gawas and his team. In less than 36 hours, they managed to track down and arrest four out of the six members, namely Royan Alvares  (21), Vilton Coutinho (34), and Melburn Coutinho (22), all from Anuz Nuvem, and Valencio Vaz Manuel Vaz (26), of Minglar, Shiroda. This was done by laying traps in a coordinated set up to catch the accused. Two members are still missing, however, Gawas is confident that they will be arrested soon. 

According to SP Gawas, “the police team deployed sources in the area and extensively examined the witnesses and locals. They checked all the bars in the area. The tactful, methodical and sincere efforts revealed that an incident had taken place at Carlton Bar, Manora, Raia on the intervening night of September 5 and September 6 at about 00.30 hrs, involving the deceased and six persons.” So far, all four of the arrested Goan youth have admitted to the crime.

Kudos to the Goa Police

If it wasn’t for the diligent duty performed by the Goa police, the accused would have certainly escaped. Timing was of the essence. Deputy Superintendent of Police, Raju Raut Dessai, formed various teams in an effort to solve this blind case. He was assisted by Maina Curtorim Police Inspector Pravinkumar Vast, who was heading the investigation with the help of six other police inspectors. In a statement to the press, DySP Dessai acknowledged the dedication and hard work of his fellow police force who worked through the night over the course of the weekend, in order to track down and apprehend the accused. IGP Jaspal Singh has also appreciated the efforts of the South Goa police team and declared that the team would be suitably rewarded for their painstaking efforts in solving the murder of Francisco Carvalho.