Free DJ workshop by Serendipity Arts Fest 2022


B-side is an initiative by Serendipity Arts centred around independent music and cultural currents stemming from contemporary music practices. The programme strives to spark conversations around music production, DJ-ing, research, performances, educational modules, and collaborative sonic explorations focused on emerging acts around South Asia.

As part of the B-side initiative, Serendipity Arts Festival will have a 10 days DJ mixing workshop in Arambol starting from 12th October till 22nd October, 2022. The workshop will focus on spinning tunes on deck, music mixing on laptop and B-side. The workshop provides DJ-ing enthusiasts a platform to learn the basics from Vir RC from VRIDIAN, an electronic music project based out of New Delhi. Workshop will focus on practical knowledge allowing participants to learn the navigation around turntables, CD players (USB) and even laptops with access to club/event ready gear. Other features include, guest lectures from industry veterans who will talk about domains of performance, venue programming, artist management and importance of background research about songs, music and file management.

The workshop is open to all, with sponsored meals and shared accomodation (travel not included). Last day to register is 11th September (midnight).

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Serendipity Arts Festival will be held in Goa from 15th to 23rd December. 

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WHO: Serendipity Arts Festival 2022

WHAT: Free DJ Workshop

WHEN: 12 to 22 October 2022

WHERE: Satori Wellness, Arambol, Goa