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Funny things that happen at Goan Catholic weddings


So wedding season is upon us again and I swear this is the time when Goan Catholic families go a little insane. Especially the ones that have eligible daughters and sons. Suddenly, its all about marrying off your kid just because someone else’s doing the same thing. And there are some pretty funny things that happen at Goan Catholic weddings which you’ll see if you take the time to observe.

Now if you’ve ever been a part of or just been to one of these, there are a whole bunch of traditions and activities that take place. I am talking about before as well as on the wedding day. But this isn’t about traditions. It’s more about the funny observations I have made after going to countless Goan Catholic weddings. In the end, it’s all about having a good laugh.

 Goan Catholic weddings and the shenanigans that follow

The Grand March – So the couple has entered, the rounds have been done, the confetti or rice is thrown, the cake is cut and the toast is done (sometimes even burnt) and then comes time for the grand march. Granted, not every wedding has this anymore since it’s something that used to be done years ago. Now, most modern couples choose to do something else like a flash mob or a group dance that involves the entourage. But here’s the reason the grand march is hilarious.

Picture this, it starts with couples lining up one behind the other and forming a train of sorts. Now all the while, when the train starts moving, no one walks. They either do this funny shuffling run to keep up or they kind of bounce up and down in time to the music. And then as they go round and round, they spot someone known and make these wild gestures to join in with these big grins on their faces. Next time you go for a wedding, just watch for it.

Watch the video to understand what I mean and please remember, these are just observations and not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments or offend them.

Another funny thing that I have noticed is the number of dancing kings and queens that come out on to the dance floor. There’s the uncle (usually from abroad) who thinks he’s is Michael Jackson or even Michael Flatley, Lord of the Flames, dancing his heart and his lungs out. Then there’s the aunty or the uncle who tries their best to make the young boys or girls in the family dance with them. This usually involves the jive or wild swing dancing of some sort. And of course, unwilling participants making a quick break for it as soon as they get a chance.

And the last funny (but not funny for everyone) thing I have observed at weddings is how eligible youth (boys and girls) meet old aunties and immediately become a target for the next wedding to happen. They grill you so much that by the end of it all, it feels like they even know what size underwear you wear. And of course, there’s the staring-at-you-up-and-down. Like minute observation in case, something doesn’t meet approval. It’s actually very annoying at the same time as being funny for someone else that can see it happening.

Your observations

So has anyone else observed something funny at a wedding you’ve attended? Or had an experience of your own? Write to us here at ItsGoa and let us know. 🙂 And if you really want to see the funny dancing that happens at weddings, check out Youtube for a whole bunch of them.

Also, please note these are just observations and not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments or offend them.