Gajanan Kamble: Goa’s Bhukkadholic


In today’s digital era, social media platforms have become a powerful tool for self-expression and creativity. Among the myriad of content creators, Gajanan Kamble, a 21-year-old Maharashtrian boy born and raised in Goa, stands out as a passionate food blogger. While pursuing his masters in inorganic chemistry at the Government College of Arts, Science, and Commerce in Khandola-Marcela, Gajanan embarked on a remarkable journey that led him to explore his love for food and create a popular Instagram account, @_bhukkad_holic.

The Beginning of His Journey 

At the tender age of 19, during the lockdown, Gajanan discovered his passion for cooking and decided to document his culinary experiments on Instagram. Little did he know that this simple endeavor would evolve into a full-fledged food blogging adventure. Initially created for fun, Gajanan’s page gradually gained momentum as he delved into the world of Goan restaurants and diverse cuisines, capturing his experiences through captivating visuals and engaging descriptions.

Challenges Faced

While Gajanan’s parents and friends initially had limited knowledge about food blogging, they stood by his side and provided unwavering support. Gajanan encountered several challenges along the way. The misconception that blogging is merely about clicking pictures and posting them online posed a significant hurdle. He emphasizes the immense effort invested in shooting, editing videos, and perfecting each click. Another challenge he faced was the unpredictable nature of Instagram’s reach, where even excellent content did not always meet the expected view count. Balancing his academic commitments as a science student while consistently creating engaging content on Instagram proved to be another demanding task.

Inspiration and Future Aspirations

Gajanan draws inspiration from his parents, who instill in him the drive and determination to work towards his goals. Additionally, as a die-hard fan, he dreams of meeting BTS and Taylor Swift someday. While blogging is currently a passion project for him, Gajanan intends to remain active and creative, nurturing his interest in food and maintaining his presence in the blogosphere.

His Message To Upcoming Content Creators 

As a young blogger, Gajanan acknowledges the influx of new bloggers on platforms like Instagram. He advises the youth of today to focus on originality, creativity, and content quality rather than pursuing fame or accumulating thousands of followers. Emphasizing the significance of consistency, Gajanan encourages aspiring bloggers to remain dedicated to their craft, knowing that success will follow with time and perseverance.