GaurBot – FC Goa’s AI messenger application

FC Goa has cashed in on the AI (Artificial intelligence) technology. They have created ‘GaurBot’ an application on Facebook’s messenger. GaurBot is designed to become a one stop platform for fans to know everything about FC Goa.

“We are fortunate to have some of the most passionate fans in the country and our efforts are always aimed to give them the best possible experiences,” said FC Goa’s CEO Sukhvinder Singh at its launch.

The application will provide the fans with the information in regards to news, ticketing, official merchandise and contests within the system. It will use interactive chat method to disseminate information.


#WriteOurWin Campaign

In order to provide a more personalized experience FC Goa is using GaurBot to receive messages from its fans. The messages will then appear in the clubs promotional activities through out the season. The messages can be addressed to the team’s players.

This seems to be the first for a football club to do such a thing for its fans. It seems like a new and a very innovative way to reach out to the club’s fan base.

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