GDD – Goa, Daman and Diu, a memory of the past!


“On Goa Statehood Day my best wishes to the people of Goa. May the state scale new heights of progress in the years to come.” Tweeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Today Goa celebrates it 29th Statehood Day. May 30, 1987 is a historic date for Goa and all the Goans.  From being a union territory Goa has come a long way to become the smallest state of India. To mark the occasion the State government has scheduled the launch of three ambitious projects.

1) Deen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana 

The health insurance scheme by the state government is for the people of Goa. Around 3 lakh residents are said to benefit from this scheme. They have to be residing in Goa for at least five years to avail the benefits. The health insurance scheme does not cover government employees. As they already enjoy the reimbursement facility for any medical expenses incurred towards a family member.

The scheme will be enforced from August 15, 2016. In the meanwhile registration of applicants and necessary infrastructure will be developed. The scheme is divided into two categories for registration.

  • First category – A family with the strength of 3 has a insurance cover of 2.5 lakh. A compulsory one time registration fee of Rs. 200/- will have to be paid.
  • Second category – A family with the strength of 4 or more has a insurance cover of 4 lakh. A compulsory one time registration fee of Rs. 300/- will have to be paid.

Families that fall under the non-creamy category of OBC, SC, ST and if the family head is physically challenged will receive a 50% concession towards the registration fees. The Goa Electronic Limited will carry-out a Taluka wise registration drive for the beneficiary families. It Covers 477 medical procedures of which 276 procedures are reserved for the government hospitals only.

2) Inauguration of the garbage treatment plant

The garbage treatment plant built at the cost Rs. 146 crores at Saligao will be inaugurated today. The plant is constructed by Hindustan waste treatment private limited (HWPTL) and has the capacity to process 100 tons of waste every day. Initially it will begin with treating 25 tons of waste generated from the nearby areas.

The  Honorable Chief Minister previously explained that the garbage treatment plant runs on bio-gas energy derived from the wet waste.

“The facility supports generation of electricity from the biogas as well as production of good quality compost from the digested sludge generated in the fermenters,” Chief Minister was quoted in a report.

3) Central jail at Colvale to add a women’s prison block and a industrial block

A women’s prison block will be added to the Central jail at Colvale to house female prisoners at the facility. The move to add a Women’s block at Central jail is touted to decrease the pressure on Sada jail. The jail was inaugurated last year on the same day.

An  industrial block, measuring 1,406 sq mts will also be added. It will provide facilities to make products of arts, crafts, tailoring, carpentry, candle-making and paper-making. The CM informed a gallery will house the finished products by the prisoners.

“An adjacent gallery section has also been provided to display the products manufactured by the jail inmates,” said Laxmikant Parsekar, Chief Minister of Goa in a previous report.

These events will mark the 29th Statehood Day for Goa. To conclude in the words of the Former Chief Minister of Goa and the current Defense Minister of India Manohar Parrikar.

“Warm greetings to all Goans on Goa Statehood Day.” He tweeted.

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