Geeta Hegde: Goa’s Queen of Glamour


Geeta Hegde is a popular YouTube influencer from Panjim. She makes videos related to fashion and make-up. Her YouTube channel “GoGlam90” has more than 1 lakh subscribers from all across the country.
In a brief chat with Its Goa, Geeta gave us insights into her life, her journey as a fashion influencer, her future plans and much more…


Its Goa: Hello Geeta. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Geeta: I was born and brought up in Vasco. I did my schooling at Deepvihar High School, Vasco and then did my B.E in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering at PCCE, Verna.

Its Goa: You live in Goa at:
Geeta: I currently reside in Panjim.

Its Goa: What was your childhood ambition?
Geeta: My childhood ambition was to become a fashion designer, but I never pursued any professional course in that field. 

Its Goa: Take us through the journey of your professional career after you passed out of college?
Geeta: While I was in my final year of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, I got a job at TCS during the campus placement drive . However, I didn’t take it up as I never saw myself doing a 9 to 5 job or working in MNCs. So, I started to help my father in running our family business in Vasco. 

Its Goa: When did your interest in makeup and fashion start?
Geeta: In 2013, I visited my elder sister who is married and based in the USA. Over there, I was awestruck when I saw the big make-up stores and the many make-up products which back then weren’t available in Goa. I walked into a Sephora store and shopped for a couple of make-up products to try out.
This developed an interest in me to know about various make-up products and to create various looks using those products. I explored brands which were not available in India altogether. That developed more curiosity in me to know more about these products and an interest to share what I explored in these stores with others.

Boho look on the streets of Goa

Its Goa: Give us a detailed insight into your journey as a YouTube influencer.
Geeta: After a lot of trying, learning and getting a hang of it, I uploaded my first video on YouTube on 19th February 2016. The video was a haul. As this was my hobby, I wasn’t very consistent. I used to film, edit and make videos go live on weekends. Sometimes, I would procrastinate and not do any videos for about 1-2 weeks, but then I always loved sharing my opinion and reviews about fashion products and creating looks using minimum products. I had and still have a very organic growth and a Pan India subscribership on YouTube. My audience often asks me to review certain make-up products. They also share their experiences with me regarding a certain product. My YouTube channel initially started with beauty, but eventually continued with fashion and that helped me to get more Pan India viewership. This gradual increase in viewership gave me a push to continue and do more videos.

Geeta with her Silver Play Button which she received from YouTube on reaching 1 lakh subscribers

Its Goa: Were your parents and friends supportive of you when you started your YouTube channel?
Geeta: My parents always supported me from Day 1 . Although back then, they never had an idea
about how these platforms work or how they would be of benefit to me. Also, my then-boyfriend (who is now my husband) has been very supportive throughout the journey celebrating small milestones. I still remember how he surprised me with a cake to congratulate me on getting 800 subscribers. The support only doubled after I got married. My in-laws are also very supportive. They also suggest content ideas to me sometimes.

Casual work wear

Its Goa: Could you list a couple of brands with whom you have collaborated with for marketing of their products on your YouTube channel?
Geeta: There are many fashion brands as well as beauty brands that I have collaborated with. I have worked with beauty brands like Colorbar, Lakmé, Maybelline, Nykaa and Ponds. I have also promoted products of fashion brands like Amazon, Rustorange, Idaho, and Panash India. I have also worked with many “Made in India” fashion brands and beauty brands.

Geeta promoting an Ajrakh Modal Silk Saree by KutchiBazaar, a Made In India brand

Its Goa: Any famous influencers in Goa or other parts of India that you have collaborated with?
Geeta: I haven’t collaborated with anyone as of now. As my growth speeded up during the pandemic, I accessed collaboration opportunities with other creators and I am definitely looking forward to it!

Its Goa: What’s the biggest challenge when pursuing this full time?
Geeta: The biggest challenge that I have faced as an influencer is that it takes a lot of time to convince a brand as to why they should hire your services. Why should they pay a creator? A lot of times, you have to work on Sundays because the concept you have in mind needs to go live within a particular timeframe or a brand has given you a tight deadline. Even while on vacations with your family and friends, you have to prioritise your work and get that edit done. Also, a lot of money is invested to give quality work to some brands that either don’t have the budget to rent your services or don’t wish to pay.

Its Goa: Give us the names of a few people whom you consider to be your role models and why?
Geeta: I have said this many times and will repeat it again. “My parents!” I hold them in high regard, especially because of their “Never Give Up” attitude towards all the challenges life throws at you.

Geeta with her parents

Its Goa: Any celebrity that you would like to meet someday? Why?
Geeta: He is a Youtuber, Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Monk Entertainment. He recently made it
to the Forbes 30 under 30 list. He is Mr. Ranveer Allahbadia. He has been that one creator who
fascinates me every single day. I am amazed by his success mantra and how he does what he
does. Its simply mind-blowing!

Its Goa: Any future plans with regards to your career as an influencer?
Geeta: Future plans? I mean this is just the beginning. I have miles to walk and so much more to explore and achieve. I definitely would love to get recognised as one of the top most creators for supporting Made in India brands in this magnificent community of millions and more.

Its Goa: Do you intend to venture into the world of films someday?
Geeta: Films? No. But as I said, I loved fashion designing but couldn’t pursue that option. I would definitely want to walk for a fashion designer, attend a fashion week, and work with some amazing Indian designers some day. I mean, we have so much to give in the fashion industry. I would love to be the face of that!

Its Goa: Finally, any message or words of advice that you would like to share with all our Goan youngsters out there?
Geeta: Well! The only words that keep me going in life are “Just Start and Don’t Stop”. We will always have mixed emotions about what we plan on starting and a lot of hurdles. But it is only after a hard
climb that you get the best views. So take that job, close that client, start that project. If you are
determined to get it, you will achieve it! No matter what you go through.