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Get one-of-a-kind gifts for your friends and family from The Busy Bee


It’s always a challenge picking up a gift for anyone’s birthday. You want to make sure that you give them a keepsake. Something that they will always remember you by. A gift that’s unique. Going by these requirements, meet Priyanka Da Cunha. As the proud creator and owner of The Busy Bee, she makes some very creative and interesting gifts that anyone would love to receive. Additionally, The Busy Bee also makes felt books for children too called The Busy Book! Let’s find out how Priyanka came up with such amazing stuff.

Priyanka Da Cunha, the original Busy Bee

Priyanka Da Cunha is someone I have known for years. She was born in Goa and lived here all her life. She even studied in Goa and finally moved abroad to the Gulf after finishing college. After living abroad in Muscat for many years, she recently moved back to Goa with her very supportive husband and 8-year-old son. In fact, The Busy Bee was born out of all her experiences working as a playschool teacher here in Goa.

The Busy Bee in Priyanka’s own words

Here’s what Priyanka has to say about this marvelous venture of hers.

“I have always loved being creative and, sewing has been a passion since I was a little girl. It has always been my dream to convert my passion for sewing into a little business of my own where I could do what I love. The Busy Bee began very organically with lots of trials, learning experiences, home décor DIYs over the years. I am always making something during my free time (whatever little I get between my supportive husband and my constantly learning and curious 8 yr old son). I am still learning with every order.”

Now, as mentioned before, Priyanka makes really cute, creative and one-of-a-kind items that you can give an adult or even a child. The Busy Bee makes a whole lot of items like beach totes, colorful passport holders, coloring wallets to hold art supplies, foldable baby item carriers, and other interesting stuff. Everything is carefully hand sewn by Priyanka herself. They even make Christmas stockings and Advent calendars and other little fabric knick-knacks. Everything made by The Busy Bee is customized which makes it a lot more special.

Busy Bee
Get ready for the beach or even just a regular day out with this cute tote bag from The Busy Bee!
Image credit – The Busy Bee Facebook page
Busy Bee
Just like your clothes go into your suitcase, your passport needs a case of its own. Check out similar passport covers like this one from The Busy Bee.
Image credit – The Busy Bee on Facebook page

The Busy Book for kids of all ages

We cannot forget about The Busy Book! Now, this is an activity book for children between the ages of 0-8 years. It’s entirely made of felt and is hand sewn, with a fabric cover. The inside has binder rings which allow you to add pages as the child grows. Each Busy Book is customized and the cover is personalized with the child’s name. Each page focuses on a skill which helps the child learn as they play. The pieces on each page are detachable so that the child can place them wherever they need to.

Busy Bee
Learn to tie shoelaces with the help of The Busy Book.
Image credit – The Busy Bee on Facebook page

As Priyanka says, “Most of my pages are inspired by my experiences as a playschool teacher. My son has his own Busy Book to which I keep adding pages as he grows. It has helped me through long flights, in restaurants or even at home.”

If you would like to order The Busy Book for your children or even as a gift for a friend’s child, they are priced per page starting from Rs 250 onwards depending on the complexity of the page.

To check out and order everything she makes: Check out The Busy Bee’s Facebook page/ Instagram page – @thebusybee26. Alternatively, you can contact her on Whatsapp at +91 9146599417. Check out the reviews too!