Girl’s burnt body found at Siolim Goa

A girl’s burnt body was found at Siolim this morning in a horrific condition. The body can not be recognised as it is badly burnt. The ornaments found on the body will be used to gain some information.

It is believed that the girl was an Indian and her burnt body is identified to be between the age group of 15-35 years.

“The body has been completely charred beyond recognition,” Anjuna police inspector Sanjay Dalvi told PTI.

Burnt body of the victim

“We will soon try to round up suspects in the case. The first task is to identify the body,” he added.

In his opinion, he said that apparently the woman was dragged from a distance to the spot by the accused before setting her ablaze. The burnt body was spotted by locals near some bushes along Siolim’s main road.

The police are trying their best to identify the victim and have asked all the police stations across the state for details of missing persons reported recently.

“We got the call at 7.45 a.m this morning and our team reached the spot immediately,” local police said.

Whatever the motive of the murder maybe, this shouldn’t have happened…

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